'Segregate waste at home'

'Segregate waste at home'

City Municipal Council President C R Prem Kumar has appealed the general public to strictly follow the guidelines for implementing waste segregation which is a part of house to house waste collection.

Speaking to media persons on Thursday, he said that the people should not mix dry and raw wastes henceforth. On the week days, raw waste will be collected from every house and the dry waste will be collected on every Sunday. However, the CMC will soon take a decision to collect dry wastes on two days a week.

“It is the responsibility of every citizen to scientifically dispose the waste by segregating it at home. Violating the rule, will end up in removing the water connection and UGD lines.

All food item wastes prepared at kitchen like rice, vegetables, leaves, fruits and fruit peals should be classified as raw waste and items like plastic, paper, glass piece, bottles, iron rods, napkins, toothpaste cover, plastic containers, utensils, old clothes, mats, soap covers, packing covers should be classifies as dry wastes,” he said.

The house to house waste collection began in February 2012 as a part of City Cleanliness Project and wastes are collected from 35 wards. Out of 22,970 households in the city, 18,907 houses are offering wastes.

Of the 2,300 shops, 1,700 shops are producing wastes. Wastes will be collected from every house and shop in the coming days, said Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project Regional Director B Jayarama Nellithaya.

A sum of Rs 31,28,600 has been collected as waste collection fee so far and Rs 34,89,482 was spent on implementing the project. The shortage amount of Rs 4 lakh was released by the CMC on January 18, he said. The project is implemented by the CMC in association with SKDRDP.