BJP may opt for Assembly dissolution

Will the BJP go for an honourable exit by dissolving the Assembly or is it still confident of completing its term?

While sources in the BJP say that a lot of discussion has been taking  place regarding the action that should follow in case three more BJP MLAs quit looking for greener pastures, Deputy Chief Minister K S Eshwarappa claims that the KJP will not be able to make more MLAs to resign.

Sources in the party said that none can make any guess as to who else would quit the party before the presentation of the budget on February 8. In case the situation demands, the BJP, soon after the governor’s address, may opt for the dissolution of the Assembly. This would help the party to gain mileage in the electioneering. Yeddyurappa could be blamed for indirectly not allowing a Lingayat chief minister from North Karnataka to present the budget and complete the term.

The BJP is doubtful whether ministers Anand Asnotikar and Rajugowda and MLA Pratap Gowda Patil will continue in the party.

However, Eshwarappa said, “Our enemy is going to be the Congress and Yeddyurappa will be inconsequential. So, blaming Yeddyurappa for anything is not in our interest at all. We are so confident of completing the term that we are not even planning to issue whip to our MLAs. Nobody is interested in the fall of the government because it serves no purpose for anyone. Yeddyurappa used to claim that he has support of 71 MLAs. But it is proved that it is not more than 12.”

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