Go chic and classy!

Go chic and classy!

Dazzling looks

Go chic and classy!

Kindling hopeRamya, actress

“I grew up in a boarding school and Deepavali meant bursting crackers in a huge maidan. After I began shooting, there hasn’t been much time to celebrate thanks to tight shooting schedules. But this year, I will be spending Deepavali at a very special friend’s house and I am looking forward to meeting a lot of people, good food and a great time. I will begin on a new note this Deepavali.”

Rajniesh Duggal

“It has to be kurta pajama or a pathani kurta with pajama because I love wearing them. My entire family is dressed in kurtas during Deepavali as we completely go Indian. I will be also wearing a kurta which has been sent by my aunt all the way from Karachi. The Karachi kurtas have some amazing designs specially the ones called chikan kurtas.”

Amrita RaoAmrita Rao, actress

Deepavali for me is very personal because it’s the only time I get to take off work and spend quality time with my family and friends. My hectic schedules don’t permit the luxury of time.  Deepavali is very traditional for me. I love to wear something Indian with minimal jewellery. This year, I will be wearing an outfit designed especially for me by Arjun Kochhar. It’s a maroon salwar splashed with dark blue royal emerald green with gold printed on it.”

Ragini Dwivedi

“I buy a lot of Indian clothes and we have a grand pooja at home. So I will be wearing something Indian. Though the festival is all about bursting crackers, I feel it’s high time we go eco-friendly in the wake of global warming. So please buy eco-friendly crackers. Burst crackers for the sake of customs, but keep them minimal. Remember that Deepavali is not only about crackers.”

Sonal Chauhan

“Since Deepavali is an Indian festival, I prefer wearing a churidaar and  kurta. I mostly go for vibrant colours as it’s a festival of lights and colours. My style statement has always been comfort so I make sure I’m comfortable in what I wear. Comfortable wear comes across beautifully and looks classy. Plus I have an advice for the youth. Always burst crackers under an adult’s supervision and take all the necessary precautions.”

Divya Dutta

“I will be wearing a ghaghra choli for Deepavali. My style statement is ethnic so I am going all out with bindis, bangles and pajeb (anklet). I also want to tell people to avoid coming in between the crossfire of crackers and enjoy the lovely festival.”

Purab Kohli

“I mostly like to wear long kurtas with a nice pair of jeans on Deepavali. My style statement for the festival is just be yourself. Please don’t burst crackers as it’s harmful for the environment but if at all, do not exceed the decibel limit proposed by the government.”