Hurling insults at funeral costs man his life

A man was hacked to death by a gang of five in front of his house in Old Bagalur Layout, Tannery Road on Saturday night.

Daniel (38), a habitual offender, had moved away from a life of crime after sustaining a severe injury to his right arm in a gang war years ago.

On Saturday night, a woman in the area died of heart attack and the local church had organised a mass for the departed soul. Daniel attended the prayer meeting inebriated, and demanded the grieving people to sing film songs. Sources said Daniel began singing and dancing vulgarly in front of the body. When an elderly woman and several youths attempted to reason with him, he allegedly abused them, but left the scene soon after.

At about 1.30 am, a gang of five men went to Daniel's house, called him out and attacked him with lethalweapons. After Daniel fell to the ground wounded, one of the assailants bludgeoned him to death with a cement brick lying nearby. Daniel was rushed to Bowring Hospital, but was declared dead.

According to police, the gang was led by Vinod, the son of the elderly woman Daniel had abused. Another suspect is Biju, a local thug. Biju, who was injured in the attack, was under treatment at a private hospital when he was arrested by Kadugondanahalli police. A manhunt is on for Vinod and the other three.  Daniel was unemployed and had four children.

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