Healthcare for senior citizens

Healthcare for senior citizens

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Healthcare for senior citizens

Yogakshema, a two-day welfare event for the senior citizens of the City, was recently organised by Rotary Bangalore Cantonment and South West at H N Kalakshetra, Jayanagar. 

It was a unique programme, where the elderly could avail of free health check-ups, attend counselling sessions and address their various physical, emotional, financial and emotional needs. 

Being the second edition of the event, there was a lot more variety in terms of the available services. 

A new concept that saw many interested visitors was ‘Home Health Care’, which provides health services on concession at home. 

“There are many patients who are not in the admission category at hospitals or whose children can’t take them to doctors or nursing homes. We have created a one-stop shop for all kinds of health services and offer to conduct tests at their homes, do bed-side X-rays, hold physiotherapy sessions and deliver any medical supply they need, among other things,” informs Dr Raghavendra M S, who runs the service.
 All across the hall, senior citizens were having eye, blood pressure and sugar tests done, while enquiring about specific services concerning them. 

“I came here to find out what services are there for us and check if we need anything. I’ve done the bone density and blood sugar test and am waiting for the results. It’s good that under one umbrella, we senior citizens can be treated and obtain all the information concerning our age-related problems,” shares Venu, a visitor. Others attended in hope of finding solutions to more specific problems. “I’ve come here just to consult the doctors because I’m not getting the correct treatment in hospitals. We’re deprived of all the necessary facilities and are charged exorbitant fees. I’m a sugar patient and wanted to find out what diet changes I need and the doctors here have helped with that,” shares 78-year-old R G Shetty, who attended with his wife.  He adds, “We live in a  remote place and can’t keep  going to different doctors around the City. We came here to reduce our confusion about what treatment to follow.”

Products and facilities like wheelchairs were on display, though not for sale since there was no commercial intent to the event. After testing the equipment, senior citizens could place orders at discounted prices or take the brochure and details for purchasing them in the future. Through the two days, many lectures and counseling sessions were also held for the visitors on topics like healthy ageing, eye care in old age, kidney health, dealing with modern day challenges, arthritis, elders’ helpline and vocational opportunities. There were also question-answer sessions with the specialists, which greatly aided patients with specific ailments.