The eternal love story

There are innumerable tales that eulogise love over the millennia. Yet, the most endearing tale happens to be the Ramayana.

The ancient classic speaks of the power of love which unites the separated couple against all odds in an age sans New Age transport and communication.

The ‘Sundara Kaandam’ of the ancient epic is the net essence of the very core of true love. When Sita was abducted by Ravana, Rama and Lakshmana went in search of her without any clue except that she could be found in the southern direction.

They reached Kishkindha and befriended the exiled Sugriva and crowned him king after vanquishing Vaali. King Sugriva swore allegiance and sent his Simian troops to help the Ikshavaku brothers to locate Janaki.

Rama had a gut feeling that Hanuman, the minister of Sugriva might find Sita for him. Therefore, he handed over his ring to Hanuman to give it to her on finding her.

The tale of Hanuman reaching the southern tip of the sub-continent and attempting to cross the vast ocean forms the main theme of the Sundara Kaandam.

Hanuman successfully crossed the ocean and found Sita after a deliberate search and convinced her of Rama’s presence and his intention to rescue her.

In the meanwhile, Sita spent agonising moments in Ravana’s Ashoka Vana amid demonesses, hoping against hope that Rama would find her and rescue her.

Rama, the Kshatriya prince, could have let go of Sita after the abduction.

Similarly, Sita could have executed her oft contemplated suicidal thoughts during her crisis.

All the same, the estranged couple did not give up hope of finding each other, because they were guided by their love for and faith in each other.

It is this saga that holds a beacon of optimism and hope. It is this tale of love which fills people with confidence to overcome all the obstacles on their way to success.

The adventures of Hanuman described in the ‘Sundara Kaandam’ is a representation of many human virtues such as courage, devotion to one’s master, confidence and, most of all, the enduring factor of love that bonded the couple, despite the lack of any chance of finding each other in the given circumstances, time and place.

It’s a psychological belief that people will overcome their personal problems when they read the ‘Sundara Kaandam.

This tale emphasises the fact that if one’s life is guided by Truth, genuine love and firm faith, no obstacle can prove to be insurmountable!

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