A temple of peace and positivity

A temple of peace and positivity


A temple of peace and positivity

Reflecting the essence and paying a tribute to our country’s ancient architecture, traditions and spirituality is Akshardham temple. Situated in East Delhi, the temple has turned out be a very popular destination for locals and tourists alike. People from all across the country irrespective of their backgrounds visit the temple at least once to feel its elegance and be overawed by its presence.

As you enter the premises you experience a sense of vastness and open space which very few temple precincts accord. There are 12 pillars, six on each side with water pouring down welcoming you. It is said that these pillars remove negative vibes before you enter the actual temple. A few steps and you reach the Hall of Values.

The audio-video shows spread the message of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. An unpolished piece of heavy stone is cited as an example of how one can sculpt and chisel one’s life for happiness, success and peace of mind. As step into the second hall, 15 three dimensional dioramas depicting the life of Swaminarayan greet you. The statues are brou­ght to life by robotics, light and sound effects, dialogues and music and transport you to 18th century.

Beyond, a beautiful 27ft high bronze sculpture of Neelkanth Verni also known as Bhagwan Swaminarayan towers over a theatre housing a giant screen. A film features an inspiring pilgrimage of Neelkanth shows how he left his parents when only 10, and roamed the country from the Northern icy peaks to the Southern shores. 

Akshardham is not only about Swaminarayan but also highlights our country’s glorious heritage.  In ‘Sanskruti Vihar’, a boat ride takes you on a beautiful journey into India’s past. As you sail past, ancient discoveries and inventions by great scientists like Aryabhatta, Bhaskara and Charaka are represented in different tableaux. On the other side, you get glimpses of Takshila, world’s first university and oldest Vedic village. 

As you move on, the Yagnapurush Kund, a musical fountain greets you. Shaped like a lotus, the Kund is surrounded by geometric forms and one can enjoy its beauty only after 6 pm.There is little doubt that once you have walked through the complex, you are refreshed in mind and body. Everything seems to be suffused with positive energies. Before leaving you are allowed to enter the main mandir (temple). But unlike other temples do not offer flowers or milk to the deities adorned with gold and beautiful gems. You can only admire the beauty of the temple and carry home some beautiful memories. 

Janak Bhai Dave, spokesperson of the Temple says, “Today, Akshardham is not for the tourist alone. We have a centre for M.Phil and PhD students who researching on Indian architecture, religion and philosophy. We help in their research work by providing every possible detail of historical temples and cater to both Indian and international students.”