'There's no room for mistakes'

Last Updated 05 May 2014, 20:28 IST

British-Indian actor Madhur Mittal was exceptional in essaying the role of Salim in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. His role won him a few enviable awards but Madhur is at ease amidst all the limelight. He says he is more than familiar with the arc lights for he began working in the film industry as a child and hit the stage when he was barely five years old.

Now, Madhur has been hand-picked to play the role of baseball player Dinesh Patel in the Hollywood film ‘Million Dollar Arm’ which is slated to release in the second week of May.   
Based on a true story, ‘Million Dollar Arm’ traces the life of two ordinary boys who become sought-after baseball players. The script, says Madhur, is what caught his attention and he feels the story has its share of suspense, twists and turns.

After Madhur signed up for the role, he confesses that he had no time to stand and stare. “I’ve been working on training to look like an athlete and on physical strengthening as well. I had to practise long and hard to get into the groove,” Madhur tells Metrolife even as he is busy promoting the film ahead of its worldwide release.

The character, feels Madhur, is simple and one that everybody can relate to. It’s a story of hope, ambition and the jitters that come with it. “When you watch the movie, you will begin to build a level of trust with each of the characters,” he adds. Ask him how it is to work on a Hollywood set and he says, “There is no time wasted. The planning is clear and schedules are intense. There’s no room for mistakes. And you would be treated like an equal,” he pitches in.

Madhur is also one among those who were in awe of Michael Jackson (MJ). He also had in him that single-minded devotion and was blessed with the oceanic talent to emulate MJ. And that is what made Madhur what he is: The Indian incarnation of MJ. He confesses that he would watch MJ videos several times until every tune and move of MJ seeped into his unconscious mind. Then began the most difficult part of recreating the trademark moves, jigs and shrugs.

“I hope to make a biopic on Michael Jackson someday. It’s at the back of my mind and that’s how I intend to pay my respects to the legend,” he signs off.

(Published 05 May 2014, 16:15 IST)

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