Tying the knot in reality

Viewers will get to watch a real wedding in Baduku Jatakaabandi on Zee Kannada,  on October 19, 1.30 pm, when Neminatha and Sangeetha tie the knot during the programme. Neminatha, a Jain boy and Sangeetha, a Kuruba girl, from a village in Belgaum face stiff opposition from their parents and are even threatened with dire consequences. But the villagers who are witness to their love story, take the couple to Baduku Jatakaabandi to find a solution and if possible, get them married. The girl comes all ready to get married but Neminatha suddenly seems to develop cold feet.
As the episode continues, all those present on the show, including show host Malavika succeed in clearing Neminatha’s doubts and fears, and persuade him to go ahead with the marriage.
It is celebration time when Neminatha and Sangeetha get married, on the sets according to their traditions and customs.

Timeless classic

Nick India presents one of the most loved characters of all times – Casper, the friendly ghost. Nick has launched Casper Scare School, a show that is a cult favourite with all ages. The show that premiered on October 17, airs every Monday to Friday at 5 pm.
The series promises to provide a complete fun-filled entertainment. Casper’s hilarious escapades as he tries to save the world from an evil plot by the school’s principal or stopping the school bullies to help a friend, always strike the right chord with the audiences. The show highlights the importance of lending a helping hand and standing  up for each other, and these values have made Casper a timeless classic.

Coming back home

There is some good news for the lovers of Balika Vadhu as the show is taking a new turn, which will definitely bring a smile on the audience’s face as one of the favourite bahus on television will be returning to her sasural.
Anandi is back to her sasural on the special occasion of Diwali. She gets successful in sorting out the tensions and problems of her parents. Her father-in-law is back on the show and comes to know why his bahu was thrown out of the house.
He goes out of the way and brings back Anandi to the house making everyone happy on the auspicious day of Diwali. The issues with Mahavir Singh (Rajendra Gupta) will be resolved in the coming episode. Anandi’s come-back is certainly going to sparkle more lights this Diwali.