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Filmi Fundas

Ash refutes rumours

A recent news story issued by a channel suggested Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was ousted by Madhuri Dixit for one of the channel’s reality shows, citing money as an issue. “It’s alarming and rather sad to see that a channel, by issuing such a statement, is trying to ride on the popularity of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to get publicity for their reality show,” said a statement released by Aishwarya’s spokesperson. 
“We would wish to clarify that this is an act of fiction, fact being that ARB, who is known to be a through professional, had to refuse the show on account of her commitment to films. She is presently busy with a gruelling schedule of Guzaarish, while Endhiran (Robot), Action Replay and Raavan are all near completion.”
“Thus, the subject of costing never did arise as discussions did not go beyond schedules and dates.” 
The proposal had come to Aishwarya through the Moranis. Even Shiamak did push Aishwarya to do the show but the dates could just not be worked out.
Shiamak said, “I would love to have her as she is the best and we go back a long way. I have been her teacher and worked closely with her on Taal and numerous stage shows. For me, she is a true blend of total perfection and beauty and is a complete performer. It would have been ideal if her busy schedule would have permitted her to do this show. I would have been the happiest person.”
This is not the first reality show that Aishwarya has been approached for. Various proposals have come along but her schedules, thus far, have not allowed her to even consider the same.
“We would again like to reiterate that it was wrong and unfair for the channel to proclaim that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was too expensive and therefore, they had to go with another host when the discussions did not even go beyond discussing dates,” said the statement.

It’s ‘A’ for Riteish

Aamir Khan might have won a lot of attention with his ingenious ways of promoting his films. Now here’s another actor who has chosen a very ‘creative’ way of promoting his film.
Riteish Deshmukh has been sporting t-shirts with an ‘A’ embroidered on them akin to the red sweater that he wears throughout his film Aladin.
Deshmukh, who is extremely enthusiastic about his first film with his favourite actor Amitabh Bachchan, has been wearing t-shirts with the ‘A’ in the distinguished Aladin style for various promotional events for the film.
Says a source from the production team, “Riteish has got the ‘A’ of Aladin stitched on several of his t-shirts and vests and makes it a point to wear them at every event relating to the film or during his interactions with the press. Aladin is a very special film for him and that’s his way of showing his enthusiasm and promoting the film.”
In Eros International’s Aladin, Riteish plays a reclusive high school lad who is always seen in his red sweater with the trademark ‘A’ on it along with his tattered leather bag. Says director Sujoy Ghosh, “When I met Riteish for the music launch of the film, he was wearing a blue pull over with Aladin’s ‘A’ on it.”
“I told him it looked very cool and he replied that he’s got a whole collection of such t-shirts. I was like wow, that’s the kind of passion an actor can have for his work.”
The film is slated for a worldwide release on October 30.

On top of the world

Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor were allowed to shoot on the 125th Floor of Realto hotel in Australia for UTV and Sohail Khan Productions’ Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. The movie is said to have been shot extensively in Australia.
A source said, “The production team wanted to shoot in one of Australia’s leading hotels Realto and that too on the 125th floor. Usually the Australian government doesn’t allow such film shootings to take place in the hotel, but when they found out that it was none other than Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor who were going to shoot there, they readily agreed for the same.”
“Salman and Kareena have a huge fan following Down Under. There were huge crowds gathered at the shoot locations. Sometimes they required added security to control the crowds,” added another source.
A unit member said, “The view from the 125th floor was breathtaking and overlooked nearly the whole of Melbourne. Most of the romantic scenes between Salman and Kareena have been shot here since the location was important to the scene.”

‘Judycious’ dreams

Actress Scarlett Johansson is keen to star in the next big musical in Hollywood because she dreamt of becoming the next Judy Garland when she was a child.
“When I was a kid, I started acting because I wanted to be in movie musicals and on broadway. I took a lot of vocal lessons and I thought I was going to be Judy Garland or something. It’s always been my dream to do a musical. I always wanted to sing on camera,” she said.
The star, however, denied rumours of starring in a broadway show right now. But with the success of recent big screen musicals like Chicago, Moulin Rouge
and Dream Girls, Johansson is confident that she will get a chance to fulfil her dream. “I’m really excited that it’s been revived. It’s  nice that I may have a chance to do it.”