Mysore district received less rain in 2012

463.2 mm of rainfall recorded

Mysore district received less rain in 2012

The Mysore district registered only 463.2 mm of rainfall against the weatherman’s prediction of 800.3 mm in the year 2012.

According to the prediction, the afore recorded rainfall was recorded till December 2012 making for 24 days in total (58 pc).

Among the taluks, K R Nagar received the lowest at 368.4 against 759.4 mm, while H D Kote received the highest of 555.2 mm against the expected 925 mm of rains.

The rain recording at other taluks are as follows; T Narsipura- 385.3 mm (expected 759.6 mm), Hunsur- 408.6 mm (788.1 mm), Mysore- 517.5 mm (755.6 mm), Periyapatna- 530.1 mm (875.7 mm) and Nanjangud- 477.4 mm (738.7 mm).

In the year 2011, a total of 44 days rainfall was recorded during the same period making for 882.3 mm of rainfall.


The target for sowing during the post-monsoon period was 4.31 lakh hectare area and 4.21 lakh hectare was sowed achieving 98 per cent target.

During the pre-monsoon period, the sowing target was 69,490 hectare area and the sowing area was 52,701 hectare area, at 76 per cent.


During post summer period, 21,113 hectares of irrigated area is marked for sowing and is yet to begin.


Paddy crop of post monsoon period in the year 2012-13 is in the final stages of harvesting and cleaning, while the harvesting of ragi, maize and tobacco is completed.

The work of removing cotton from the plant is also completed. While the harvesting of thogari and sugarcane crop is in different stages.

The crops of pre-monsoon period; groundnut, ragi, maize and others have completed harvesting stage.

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