Zeenat focusing on children, not thinking about marriage

Zeenat Aman says her priority right now is her sons and she will consider marriage only "five to eight years" later when they are settled and if she feels "lonely" at that time.

"Whatever has been said is incorrect. I am single, I am not married and I am living in my house with my children," said Zeenat, who was married to Mazhar Khan who passed away in 1998. She has two sons Azaan and Zahaan.

Her recent confession about seeing someone in an interview led to a lot of speculation and even linked her to Sarfaraz Ahsan Ahmed, a Shiv Sena member and real-estate dealer.

Upset with the talk, which she termed "baseless", she clarified: "My children are my priority. They are young, they are busy choosing their career, they have to settle down in their lives. When I will be completely alone that time I will decide what to do."

"Anything can happen once my children are settled and if I get lonely in my life. That time people need some companion, so anything is possible that time. But now still there is five to eight years to go for that. Anything is possible that time if I am still alive at that point of time," the 61-year-old told reporters Thursday at the Mumbai's Most Stylish 2013 Awards.

She says that it is unfair to link her to Sarfaraz.

"And the gentleman whose name has been roped in with me by certain section of media is wrong because he is not the gentleman. He is a very decent person and I respect him," she said without revealing the name of the person she is dating.

"I am absolutely single and this gentleman who you dragged into it ... poor him and his family and poor me also. There is nothing like that," she added.

After her bad experience, the yesteryears diva, known for her roles in "Hare Rama Hare
Krishna", "Don" and "Satyam Shivam Sundaram", has decided to keep mum about anything personal.

"Now, you know, I am not going to say anything because whatever I say it is completely blown out of proportion... I had a casual chat with a journalist and I said I met somebody, from there I don't know how all these started coming out. I myself don't know and I was wondering... I am so important to you guys!" she added.

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