Treating the cause rather than the symptom


Homoeopathy has always been regarded as one of the safest, most effective systems of medicine ever to be discovered.

Today, several parents prefer homoeopathic treatment for their children in various pediatric conditions. Because the dosages are so small, effective treatment can be achieved without dangerous side effects often associated with conventional medicine. In fact, no ill effects would result from a bottle full of homoeopathic tablets being swallowed, should a curious child happen to open one.

Pleasant to taste and easy to take, homoeopathy is an ideal form of treatment for children of all ages, including small babies. A child makes the most eligible candidate for homoeopathy, with its gentle, rapid recovery and innocuous sweet pills.

Homoeopathy treats the person as a whole rather than just their symptoms. Therefore a practitioner will observe the child in terms of overall appearance, the way he/she behaves, answers questions, and how emotional he/she appears.

The Homoeopath will probably note these and many other things during the initial consultation. Next the child's physical, emotional, and mental history is taken, along with the family history for illnesses in parents.

In homoeopathy, the mind and the body are seen as an interactive whole. Therefore, disharmony on any level is considered as affecting the whole person. For instance, a teething infant may be angry with the pain, or clingy, or whiny.

There may be associated fever or bowel irregularities.  Treatments are always tailored to the individual child, as each will express his/her disease in their own way. Therefore the treatment of one child with apparently the same problem as another may be totally different. Therefore, the gathering of information about the child is perhaps the most important aspect of successful treatment.

It is every homoeopath's observation that children being more sensitive, respond more quickly to homoeopathy. Contrary to the general myth, homoeopathy is quick acting and brings back the healthy state in the quickest possible manner.

Children often have recurring infections, due to low resistance power. Homoeopathic treatment, being based on the 'Constitutional Approach', treats the disease at the root level, hence enhancing the defence mechanism of the child. As a result, the child does not fall sick frequently.

Homoeopathic remedies are capable of treating a wide range of ailments from everyday cough and cold to more chronic cases of adenoids, tonsillitis, asthma, eczema, and even digestive disorders.  Homoeopathy is especially effective in calming down hyperactive and aggressive children who throw temper-tantrums every now and then.

Besides, a child may succumb to anxiety, fears, inferiority/superiority complex, rage, jealousy, and lack of confidence. These negeative behaviours leave imprints carved in the delicate mind of the child. Such instances shape the child's character and personality, morbidly, resulting in several behavioral problems.

Problems like examination-funk, strange fears, anxiety, depression, restlessness, nail-biting, and even stealing habit can be successfully treated by homeopathy.  It can be accomplished by triggering the child's innate healing ability gets stuck, often due to some kind of traumatic event.

As a result of homoeopathic treatment, the child's sense of equilibrium is restored and symptoms gently disappear rather than getting suppressed.

When in doubt, when conventional medicine fails to work, and when natural, safe, and effective medicines beckon you, consider homoeopathy.
(The writer is a practicing

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