Floored by the guts and glory

Last Updated 08 February 2013, 14:41 IST

There are a sizeable number of foreign delegates and tourists at the ongoing ‘Aero India 2013’, most of whom call it a landmark event. Some of the stunts in the skies, they say, have left them speechless. Metrolife caught up with a few foreigners, who have been braving the extreme heat to watch their favourite metallic birds soar.

These foreign delegates mean business. They’re here to forge as many deals as they can and expand their contact base. But at the same time, they are thoroughly enjoying their stay, thanks to the local food and the warmth that people here extend rather generously.

You don’t hear the foreign visitors complaining about the heat, dirt and dust at the show. They’re continuously on their toes, meeting people and making sure that they don’t miss out on any of the action. There are a few who have managed to make some new friends as well. They also don’t miss the chance to sample their favourite Indian food. 

Claude Masegosa, a French national, couldn’t help but compare this aero show to the one in France, called Le Bourget. She says that the Indian edition has a class of its own. “There’s so much action in the skies and I love the Rafale and Su-30 MKI. The Sarang display is among the best,” she says.

Daniel Smith, from Brisbane, Australia, had read about the aero show on the internet and decided to plan a trip to India accordingly. He landed here on Wednesday morning. Armed with his camera, he lost no time in reaching the venue. “This is my first time in India. I will spend two days at the aero show and then explore the City. I think the show has a good blend of Western and Soviet aircraft. I am waiting to catch a glimpse of the manoeuvres,” he says.

Alexander Renaut, from France, adds that the moves and formations he has witnessed have literally left him speechless.

 “The many stunts are remarkable. They demonstrate the capabilities of the air crew of the Indian Air Force. I admire the dangerous stunts these guys perform in the skies. They seem most comfortable up there,” he observes.

Shebba Shumbaya, from Zimbabwe, hasn’t taken his eyes off the skies since he arrived at the air base. “The aero show has an impressive lineup of aircraft. My personal favourite is the ‘Vintage Tiger Moth’; the old plane has surely carved a niche for itself,” says Shebba. He adds, “I admire the guts of the pilots, who fly so high. I am sure they’ve taken all measures required to avoid any accident.”

(Published 08 February 2013, 14:41 IST)

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