Demand for ban on films should be challenged: Kamal Haasan

Demand for ban on films should be challenged: Kamal Haasan

Demand for ban on films should be challenged: Kamal Haasan

Actor-director Kamal Haasan today said demanding ban on films is becoming a trend, which should be challenged, and he is sure people will do it.

The film maker whose magnum opus 'Vishwaroopam' was finally released in Tamil Nadu this week after he made truce with some Muslim outfits which had opposed it, said films like 'Kadal' and 'Aadhi Bhagavan' are facing "problems" in his state.

"It is becoming a trend. It should be challenged. If not by the Government, the people will do it", he told reporters here.

In this context, he noted that while it's understandable that the film fraternity and media stood by him vis-a-vis 'Vishwaroopam', it had "suddenly become a common cause" with the commonman also asking whether he "deserved all this" (opposition to the movie).

He said 'Vishwaroopam' is going to be released this week in France and the UK. "Hindi version (Vishwaroop) is going to be showcased in New York next week. Tamil version is already breaking records in the US."

Haasan said if there is no "stumbling block", he would release the sequel, 'Vishwaroopam 2', this year itself.

He said he is also working with producer Barrie M Osborne on a Hollywood movie project. "I am working on a subject which he liked".

Asked if his health is okay "after all these problems", the 58-year-old said: "I feel very nice, never felt this good".

'Vishwaroopam' was initially scheduled to release first on Direct-To-Home (DTH) platform before hitting theatre screens, and Haasan today admitted "there was a lot of scuttling" (by theatre owners).

"It's a new medium of monetisation. If not today, it will come tomorrow," he said, adding, he feels strongly for it. "I would like to pursue what we began (plans to release on DTH platorm). I truly believe it's an important platform to be monetised by the industry."

Referring to the protests against the film and also fans travelling to Karnataka to watch as it's release in Tamil Nadu was delayed, he said, "It was a true test for me and my fans. I think we have survived it."