Police arrests three for theft at Kareena's house

Police arrests three for theft at Kareena's house

Police arrests three for theft at Kareena's house

A pearl set and a ring collectively worth Rs 41,000 and Rs 1.53 lakh in cash were recovered from them, police said. The incident occurred on October 8 at Kapoor's residence and police said that the trio had stolen cash and other belongings valued at Rs 2.50 lakh from the actor's house.

The three accused identified as Pawansingh Chouhan (24), Anita Osami (35) and Tina Yadav (26) were arrested on October 15 after they admitted to have committed the crime after being questioned, Additional Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta said. The trio was remanded to police custody till Monday.

According to police, on October 8, Kareena's secretary Zahid Akram Khan had kept Rs 2.14 lakh in cash at Babita's (Kareena's actor mother) room when she was not there and informed her about it.

"When Babita returned home, she could not find the cash, following which she spoke to Khan in this regard," N Sonavane, officer of Khar police station said. "They searched the entire house and also asked their 10 servants. During the search, she also came to know a pearl set and a ring were also missing along with cash," investigating officer Sonavane said.

Babita then waited for her daughter Kareena, who was shooting abroad, to arrive in Mumbai before registering a complaint with the police, Sonavane said. "After their attempt to find the money and valuables failed, they informed us," he said. The police suspected the involvement of an insider and while questioning of the servants, they found that Anita, one of the accused, frequently changed her statements.

"Her body language was also such that it prompted us to suspect her involvement in the crime. The behaviour of other two accused Tina and Pawansingh was also found suspicious following which all three were detained and grilled," he said adding that the trio admitted to the crime and were arrested on October 15.

"An FIR has been lodged by Kareena's secretary Zahid Akram Khan. The probe into the case was initiated before the formal complaint was registered as the Kapoor family had already informed us about it," he said.

Elaborating the case, Sonavane said that Pawansingh and Anita had gone to see Kapoor's newly purchased mobile phone in Babita's room when they came across Rs 2.14 lakh in cash. "They were later joined by Tina. Subsequently the three distributed the money among themselves," he said adding that further investigations were on.