Show leaves students starry-eyed

 They came. They saw. They went, with spring in their steps, heads held high, mesmerised by the magical, memorable moments following their dazzling date with a bevy of metallic birds and their ensemble fiesta of aerobatic feats.

Young, inquisitive, with dreams in their sparkling eyes, these aspirational students from different strands of studies came in their hundreds. As thunderous drones and high decibel sonic booms rent the azure skies at Air Force Base, Yelahanka, they lit up with joy and jubilation and lustly cheering, while catching up the awesome action.

The past five days of biennial, flagship airshow and aviation exhibition, despite its rather flagging pull power, lived up to the expectations of the younger lot to whom the expo mattered the most.

They look forward to it, with avidity and expectation, every two years as it makes its appearance at the Air Force Base, Yelahanka, which turns an amphitheatre for global aviation and armament majors to showcase their wares and strides in the field.

Exciting, thrilling, awesome, simply superb, fascinating were adjectives pouring out of their enthralled selves, effusive in their encomiums for fabulous feats of daring men in fatigue, with their mean, menacing machines, as they went through their daredevil, aerobatic drills in military precision.

“It seemed as if one was virtually in a war zone and right in the thick of action,” said an excited teen.

Another added, “If all goes well, I wouldn’t mind joining the Air Force as a career choice and be proud to serve the nation.”

Similar strains of overwhelming and effusive praises flowed from several youngsters, who had come with their elders or as group of friends, to witness the spectacle and to explore what career opportunities the sector offered them as they embark on a new sojourn.

From civil aviation firms and flight schools, with catalogues, posters and flysheets, flaunting what exciting career the sector offered at their stalls, several curious students and young adults made earnest enquiries with representatives who were equally enthused to satiate their hunger.

Some, why very many, had themselves pictured along with various armaments and array of products on display, while some went into details of products with those manning the stalls. Parents who accompanied several of them were equally supportive and enthusiastic of their wards’ ambitions and aspirations.

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