Young talents excel

Young talents excel

Young talents excel

When children of five years’ age started singing ‘Pahi Pahi Gajanana’ at the Seva Sadana, Malleswara, audience were surprised.

The children continued with another devotional ‘Parvathi Pathim.’ Next, eight-year-old children sang ‘Sri Gananatham Bhajare’ and a batch of 10-year-old children presented ‘Nagabharana Hey Nataraja’ in the raga Mohana.

It was part of the “Naada Namana” held under the aegis of the Karnataka College of Percussion (KCP). Internationally acclaimed KCP conducted workshop, quiz, lecture, demonstrations in the Naada Namana. Students were divided age wise and were trained in different groups.

Ganesha stuthi, Shiva stuthi, Krishna stuthi, Saraswathi Vandane, Notu swara – were presented by different groups, neatly. ‘Bhajare Gopalam’ in Hindola is a popular composition and ‘Narayana Emba’ was in Bilahari. These young singers sang with confidence and that was proof of their good training.

Instrumentalists accompanied young talents, with good understanding.

Aradhana programmes

Many Sabhas and schools of Bangalore conducted Purandara Dasa and Tyagaraja Aradhana with music and religious fervour. In many organisations the celebrations will continue for some more time. Sri Raghavendra Seva Samithi, Sudhindra Nagara, Malleswaram conducted the Purandara Dasa Aradhana with not only music concerts but also Harikatha, Bhajan, and discourses.

Pattabhi Rama Pandith who presented a vocal concert on Thursday, is fast emerging as a prominent musician of Karnataka. He is known for his good repertoire and rendering with good ‘Bhava.’

In the current concert he presented completely Haridasa compositions which suited the occasion. “Jaya Janakee Kantha’ gave Pattabhirama Pandith a bright start, followed by ‘Yenu Dhanyalo Lakumi Entha Manyalo,’ with nerval and brief swara.

The ‘Kaala Pramana’ of ‘Pogadiralo Ranga’ was rather very slow than the composition suggests. But he rendered it with interesting swara prasthara. Nerval (Suramunigalu) and swara for the well known Pada ‘Pogadirelo Ranga’ had their desired aesthetic impact. But a detailed Ragalapana would have made it truly wholesome. ‘Bhaja Bhaja Maanasa’ was on Saint Raghavendra Swamy, ‘Hari Ninna Mechisabhadu’ was a meaningful devaranama.

While Kande Dhanyanaade’ at once reminded his guru (Late K V Narayanaswamy). So also ‘Na Ninna Dhyanadolu iralu’ – stood out for its emotional sensitivity. The lyrical appeal in the Padas accented its instant likeability and the vocalist impressed the gathering. Mathur Srinidhi on violin and H S Sudhindra on mridanga gave excellent support and accompanied with aplomb.

Lively concert

Sri Rama Lalithakala Mandira conducted the Vasantha Sangeethotsava (Spring Music Festival) last week successfully. Eight vocal concerts were held by both male and female vocalists and the public response was overwhelming. One of our popular musician Sanjay Subramanyan’s vocal recital in the Vasanthotsava on Wednesday was refreshing.

Especially his Kaanada was highly evocative. He gave a detailed airing of the soulful raga with brisk Thana. A well-knit pallavi in Khanda Triputa and a pleasant swara prasthara heightened the impact of the Pallavi. Earlier he also sang ‘Ennaganu Rama’ with meaningful Nerval.

Raga Shankarabharana was also appealing and the Jawadi ‘Modi Chesi’ brought nostalgic memories. It was a lively concert, which created a fine musical atmosphere in the Gayana Samaja Auditorium. Young violinist Awaneswaram S R Vinu proved his talent and senior percussionist Mannargudi Easwaran’s accompaniment was inspiring and S Venkataramanan played the Khanjari.