Goa killings: 1 more victim identified

The police said the two men arrested from Mumbai were most likely responsible for the serial killings here last week. Syron Rodrigues, 20 and Chandrakant Talwar, 35 who were hiding in Mumbai were brought to Goa on Saturday.

Preliminary investigations showed the men were connected to all four murders committed in a span of 48 hours. The modus operandi in all was similar.
The women were found either smothered or strangled to death and their bodies burnt and disfigured to make identification difficult.

The police did not rule out the involvement of other persons in the crime. The two men would offer the women a lift and then attack them and divest them of their gold or money. A fourth victim whose face was completely battered is yet to be identified.

Rodrigues and Talwar who have a criminal background graduated from petty robbery to becoming killers overnight. Their victims included a 16 year-old schoolgirl and a fisherwoman, 60.

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