'I want to work in more Indian films'

'I want to work in more Indian films'

Bollywood Debut

'I want to work in more Indian films'

Lauren Gottlieb didn’t want to be a dancer. As a six-year-old, her mother enrolled her in a dance class and she recollects that there were moments when she just wanted to quit.

   But today, Lauren can’t thank her mother enough for being so pushy.

 “More than me, my mother wanted me to dance,” says Lauren, who was not only ranked as one among the top six dancers of the American dance show, titled, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, but has also debuted in ‘ABCD — AnyBody Can Dance’, the first full-fledged Indian 3D film on dance.

There are no dance moves that Lauren can’t replicate and she owes it all to long hours of dedicated, committed practice sessions. “I gave it all I had and practised all I could when I first appeared on ‘So you think....’. It is the toughest thing that I have ever done, but these are challenging moments that keep me going. And today, after working in ‘ABCD...’ — my first Bollywood film — I yearn to come back and work in more Indian films,” Lauren tells Metrolife.

She confesses that she can’t get enough of the unmatched warmth and affection of this country and its people. “When I first came here, the culture and language of India hit me real hard. I was in a comfort zone before I signed this film. I soon realised that I had to work extra hard, both in terms of learning the dialogues and the language itself. I got down to the root of it all and spent sleepless nights getting the pronunciation right,” shares Lauren.   
She admires her costars and confesses that she was, at first, nervous about meeting actor and director Prabhu Deva. “I was nervous about meeting him and didn’t think I would be able to match his steps when it came to dancing. But he’s such a humble guy and volunteered to help me whenever I got stuck. He even assisted me with learning the dialogues,” she notes.

Lauren has taught and even performed with actors and musicians such as Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and Tom Cruise, to mention a few. “Not all actors are good dancers, but I always try and break it down to the basics for them,” she says.   

Lauren tried her hand at acting for the first time with her show ‘Ghost Whisperer’ and confesses that it immediately became a new passion. Recalling the experience of her first film, Lauren says, “Acting and dancing are total opposites. Dance is an outward expression and acting is an internal expression, that you have to really learn how to control.”

She has to keep a close watch on her weight, but confesses that she loves Indian food and helps herself, rather lavishly, to a lot of butter chicken, mutton and dal. “Indian food is irresistible,” she sums up.