Special court for kids: Panel blames parents for delay

Lack of interest on the part of parents in pursuing cases of violations against their children has been the main reason for the delay in the formation of a special court for children, according to the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR).

In 2011-2012, the KSCPCR recorded a total of 134 cases of violations in Bangalore. However, only 15 of the 134 cases were charge-sheeted and pursued in courts. Of the total 105 cases recorded in 2012-2013, only 11 were taken further by victims’ parents.

“Once parents or affected parties do not show any interest, there is very little that we can do to take it higher. The low number of such cases has resulted in a delay in setting up a court exclusively for children,” KSCPCR member G R Mukta said.

Social stigma or simple weariness are some of the reasons for parents’ reluctance to pursue cases.

An official at the Commission pointed out that lack of co-operation on the part of the police to register cases in order to protect their reputation is another reason.
“High incidences and registrations of such cases in a particular police station will raise questions over its efficiency in dealing with matters of law and order in their respective areas. No police station wants to be in such a situation,” said the official. 
Documentary film

A general lack of awareness among people has also led to worsening of the situation.
“Many people are not even aware that the Commission exists. We are, therefore, making efforts to address the issue. In April, we will be releasing a documentary film which is dealing with the works of the Child Rights Commission and how someone can reach us. Distribution of pamphlets and others will also be done,” said Mukta.

Special judge appointed

The Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has claimed that a special court for children may be set up as early as June.

“A special judge has already been appointed and we will be meeting the registrar general of the High Court of Karnataka in a week’s time on the matter,” said Mukta.
An order for setting up the court had been given by the High Court in June last year and Rs 59 lakh had been sanctioned for it, he said.

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