'I have tried to establish myself as an all-rounder'

Facing Expectations
Last Updated 14 February 2013, 13:41 IST

Not too long ago, actress Ramya Barna announced that she was willing to do another Tulu movie after the success of her first — Oriyardori Asal. Now, the actress has teamed up with the same film-makers for her second Tulu movie, Madhume.

“The title means marriage. It’s about a girl who is about to get married and all the things that happen during her wedding,” explains Ramya.

Working with the same film-makers was a conscious decision on her part.
“After the success of Oriyardori Asal, I knew I had to be careful as to what I chose next. When the makers came to me with the script, I really liked it. Moreover, that rapport and comfort level was already there with the team — so, I went ahead and signed it,” she adds.

But it also means that there are a lot of expectations from the team.

Ramya agrees, “After the film did well, a lot of people starting taking note of the team. I have actually had people coming up to me and talking to me in Tulu, when it’s not even my mother tongue. This is such a big honour for me, as it shows that the audience is connecting to me. So, expectations are bound to be there — but we are all working as a team and going to make a good movie,” she adds.

She has played an array of roles, but Ramya has never come across a character that is close to her real-life personality. “I have tried to establish myself as an all-rounder, playing different kinds of characters. But I have never really played myself on-screen. I think it would be nice to play myself,” she adds.

Ramya has managed to balance both Tulu and Kannada movies. Soon, the actress will be seen in a thriller called ‘Notorious’. The movie is something she is looking forward to since, for the first time, the actress will be performing an action sequence.

“It’s an out-and-out fight sequence, in which I get to beat up guys who try to tease me. It was so much fun, as I got to do something really different,” she adds.
Looks like in the coming months, there is a lot one can expect from this actress.

(Published 14 February 2013, 13:41 IST)

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