Source and secret of success

Source and secret of success

Case Study

A follower of Dada Vaswani, he said that he has closely studied the subject of sex transmutation (a way of converting sexual energy into an inward creative force) and through a series of indepth case studies and self experimentation discovered the secret behind the success of many well-known historical figures like Gandhi, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

“They knew that when a man ejaculates he becomes spent and useless. A man’s semen is the source of life and energy and my Guru Dada Vaswani himself impressed upon me that many men waste it due to ignorance and poor self control,” he explained.

Going on to talk about a subject which he said the society unfairly treats as taboo, he described his voyage of discovery over the last ten years as a journey that led him to discussions with friends and  private forums.

“Would anyone flush their jewellery down the toilet?” he asked and using this example went on to tell the audience that one does not have to reduce sexual activity to convert energy through transmutation but rather control or channel it. “Women are multiorgasmic and men can be too if they read and understand my book,” he added. A mix of anatomical studies and self-help tips, the author, who goes by the abbreviation RVM, was very gung-ho about his much researched discovery and eager to share the good news with the gathering.

“I have written my book in simple language so that anyone can understand the basics of sexual transmutation. Practice and self-control coupled with my easy tips will turn you into a dynamic creative person with a fulfiling sex life,” he assured the audience.