Bopaiah serves a royal repast for fellow MLAs

It was a la carte luncheon every avowed gourmet would simply love to binge on, invited or not. And who better than Speaker K G Bopaiah of 13th Legislative Assembly, doing the honours for his fellow legislators on the last day of the session in the stately Vidhana Soudha.

In keeping with his Coorgi kinship, the bill of fare, which predominantly comprised rich and sumptuous Kodava cuisine and staple North Indian dishes, had the people’s representatives feasting upon the royal spread with much relish.

From pandhi curry (pork) and kadambuttu (rice balls) to koriyarchi (mutton), nuputtu (semia), koli (chicken) curry, sannas (Goan idlis), aside from the regular veggie accompaniments, it was a royal repast the grateful legislators would not forget in their lifetime.

Playing the perfect host, Bopaiah, who had conveniently done the vanishing trick just a few weeks ago, in the company of his wife Kunti and daughters Prajna and Yashika, was the man of the moment, personally and warmly receiving each legislator, his colleagues of last five years.

As the clock struck 1.30 pm, and legislators, media and officials lined up for the lunch, there was Bopaiah ensuring one and all were comfortable and ready to partake of the meal whose appeal and appetising aroma filled the air.

Proud Kodava

An overwhelmed and emotional Bopaiah quipped: It’s definitely a relief to see the 13th Assembly complete its term. I feel proud and honoured as a Kodava to be hosting this lunch today. Indeed, truly said and served.

However, as is the habit of the legislators’ lot, like in the House, the attendance was relatively thin.

Well, they are sure to rue their missed date with Bopaiah and his banquet. Among those who faithfully made it to the party though, was Janata Dal (Secular) MLA Anita Kumaraswamy, wife of former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy, hardly seen in the House, busily partaking of the food with her colleague Kalpana Siddaraju.

Independents take part

And as America’s most lauded food writer M F K Fisher’s quote goes, “sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly,” interestingly, a couple of Independent MLAs too accepted Bopaiah’s invitation, despite friction between them.

MLAs P M Narendraswamy and Shivaraj Tangadagi, who had bawled at Bopaiah for disqualifying them along with other Independents, were seen rubbing shoulders with BJP MLAs.

What’s more, it was also interesting to note the entry Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar corresponding with the exit of Deputy Chief Minister K S Eshwarappa, given the recent fallout between the two. Like the true bon vivants, they made the most of their bon appetite.

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