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From Partition to Operation Bluestar — Tales of a Journalist, Bureaucrat, Spy

Som Nath Dhar

Harper Collins, 2013, pp 212, 399

This book provides an engrossing personal view of public events that have shaped India’s recent history, written by a man who had a ringside view of these. Full of charming anecdotes, the book deepens our understanding of recent Indian history.

Madhukari: Art of Honey-gathering

Buddhadeb Guha, translated by Shankar Sen

Niyogi Books, 2013, pp 891, 595

Set in the picturesque backdrop of Kanha-Kisli forest reserve of Madhya Pradesh, the novel is about Prithu Ghosh, who wants to live his life on his own terms, just as a tiger is not reliant on others.

Walking with lions

K Natwar Singh

Harper Collins, 2013, pp 213, 299

There are few leaders that K Natwar Singh, in a diplomatic career spanning more than three decades, has not known — and fewer still about whom he has no story to tell. In this book, he puts together 50 episodes that entertain, inform and illuminate.

Mistakes like love and sex

Madhuri Banerjee

Penguin Metro Reads, 2012, pp 238, 199
Cheated by her Spanish boyfriend, Kaveri is back in India to follow a career as an artist and to follow her dream man. However, getting involved with an older man, making out with the hottest star in Bollywood, teaching a upcoming actress Hindi...her goals seem nowhere in sight.

Survey of Rural INdia

Dr N Seshagiri

Gyan Books, 2013, 27 volumes, 90,000

After 10 years of massive research and study, Dr.N. Seshagiri 27 volumes on rural India, that covers a wide range of statistics and complete study on grampanchayat and community development blocks.

Blood, sweat and tears

A Rajam

Niyogi Books, 2013, pp 196, 295

The novel is a story of Zaria, a child born to an Indian father and a Russian mother. After enjoying a sheltered childhood in Madras, Zaria and her mother are tragically tossed by the vagaries of fate to Moscow, where survival is struggle amidst poverty and heartache.
A brief hour of beauty

Ammu Nair

Fingerprint, 2013, pp 220, 295

A month short of his seventh birthday, Edmund Thomas Clint dies. The boy leaves behind some 25,000 paintings he created during his short lifetime. The book is a moving account of Clint’s life, the world he lived in, and how he celebrated them both through his art.

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