Lokayukta police raid four officials

The Lokayukta police on Saturday conducted raids on four government officials, sear­ched their properties in Bangalore, Mysore, Baga­lk­ot, Gadag, Kanakapur and Bijapur and seized documents.

Criminal cases have been registered against former Lokayukta police constable Shivappa Mallappa Akalwadi, junior engineer in the Panchayat Raj Division M Chandrashekaraiah, Secretary of a gram panchayat in Gadag district Basaiah Ningaiah Itagimata and senior sanitary inspector Shivalinga Kondagoli. Bank accounts and lockers are being scrutinised in all the cases.

Shivappa Mallappa
Akalwadi, police constable
Per cent of DA (disproportionate assets) after the raid: 188.66 per cent
Agricultural and non-agricultural property worth Rs 49.09 lakh
Moveable properties: Rs 24.41 lakh

M Chandrashekaraiah, junior engineer
Per cent of DA after the raid: 159.09 per cent
Agricultural properties, residential sites: Rs 51.52 lakh
Moveable properties: Rs 86 lakh
Basaiah Ningaiah Itagimata, secretary (grade 2)
Per cent of DA after the raid: 165.18 per cent
Agricultural lands at 20 places in Gadag: Rs 48.99 lakh
Moveable properties: Rs 2.05 lakh

Shivalinga Kondagoli, sanitary inspector
Per cent of DA after the raid: 133.73 per cent
Residential sites in Bijapur and Mangalore: Rs 52.50 lakh
Moveable properties: Rs 74.80 lakh

Complainant implicated in false case

A complainant in two cases filed before the Special Lokayukta Court approached the Court on Saturday, seeking action against some of the accused, claiming they attempted to implicate him in a false crime.

Lakshminarayana, a resident of Hulimavu and ex-councillor, has filed two cases in the Special Lokayukta Court, one against SJR Bui­lders and another against Adichunchungiri Mutt and others, pertaining to land grabbing. He alleged that the main accused in the case, ACP Balaramegowda, filed false cases.

He said pressure was brought on the police by Prakasha­natha Swami of the Mutt and MLA Krishnappa to prevent him from proceeding against the accused. The matter has been adjourned to February 19.

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