Inaccessibility makes coins an object of curiosity

Inaccessibility makes coins an object of curiosity

They have reached banks, but they are not in circulation yet

Though the Rs 10 coins have been in circulation in the banks since past one month, only a few have been able to lay their hands on it. As a lot of these coins continue to be in the banks, the people are unable to contain their curiosity.

It is a noticeable trait among the people to collect and store new coins and notes. Thus, they are always in great demand. Moreover, since people love to possess new notes and coins they refuse to transact it and thereby even before they are circulated among the mass, the collection and storing begins.

Though the new Rs 10 coins have reached several banks in the city, a month ago, they are still not circulated among the people.

In addition to Rs 10 coins, a few days ago attractive Rs 5 coins were released in several City banks. They are more attractive than Rs 10 coins. However, they are still not being circulated among the public.

A month ago State Bank of Mysore in the City received Rs 10 coins from the RBI.A few of our customers have got the new coins, said Lead Bank sources. These new coins will eventually be circulated among the people, the sources added.