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Last Updated 18 February 2013, 15:17 IST

Experimentation and reinvention is something that everyone looks forward to when it comes to giving their home a perfect look. Some opt for mixing contemporary with traditional while many go for the ultra modern outlook for their homes.

Bringing together these elements and giving an insight into the modern day interior decorations, India Design ID 2013 was recently organised in the City. With participation from more than 40 interior decorators from Delhi and Mumbai, the India Design ID focused on fresher ways of decorating and designing interiors.

Take the work of Sunil Sethi, better known as president FDCI, who for instance, for the first time showcased designer carpets with a slight twist. The paintings of prominent artists like the late MF Husain, T Vaikuntam and S H Raza were beautifully woven into contemporary fra­m­es. Sethi’s store had designer labels too. Carpets with exotic prints and colourful shades designed by aces like Saby­a­s­achi Mukherjee, Rajesh Pratap Singh and Manish Arora attracted many visitors. The designer tag, of course, drove the price to Rs five lakh and above.

It was Mumbai-based interior decorators, The Pure Concept which came up with the Japanese concept of decor. Their products bore a matt finish. Black and grey tones lent a stylish air to the ambience resembling a modern home. The designs were also a combination of the old and new. Furniture in warm and earthy tones with muted uph­o­lstery was put on display giving an idea of minimalistic but luxurious lifestyle. The store was unique in itself for it used as wallpaper, pages torn from dictionaries!

However, well-known interior designer Pinakin Patel calls Japanese decor “old style”. His store stocked beds, sofa sets and cushions highlighting the lavish ‘Maharaja’ lifestyle. “The latest collection is about people who have recently tasted success and want to celebrate every moment of their lives. It is about delight and uplifting you for the moment,” says Pinakin.

For that ultra-luxurious look, Pinakin embroidered 1400 gems and stones in a single cushion, used Trishul design in latches and arranged large-size sofa sets in a semi-circular way for a grand look.

In his huge stall, Pinakin displayed a jhoola (swing) bed. “Imagine if Radha and Krishna were present in today’s time, then what their bed would be like,” he asked with a smile. “Keeping this idea in mind, I designed a swing bed which is engineered in such a fashion that it will never hit the supporting iron rods on four sides,” says he.

Adding to the luxury was the contemporary crystal lighting by German company Windfall. Interestingly, the crystals were not ordinary ones but Swarovskis which were embedded inside the crystal rods and arranged in the shape of a leaf. The quality of the crystals raised the cost of a single leaf to Rs 5 lakh. 

As opulence marked every stall that was present at the Indian Design ID, the one by Elle Decor turned out a bit different. With the intent to help classy interior decor items reach every household without emptying the pockets, their stylist Sonia Dutta pointed out easy ways to use old wood lying around the house. She explained how to use furniture pieces for creating a small garden within the house. Old typewriters, musical instruments and wooden cartons were showcased in an interesting fashion to give one ideas about them in a modern setting. The event had international designers too. New-York based Peter d’ Ascoli had upholstery inspired from European art. The floral prints in silk, stain and cotton were dyed in brown to give a feel of European royalty.

The glamour quotient was lent by Sussanne Roshan who was present with her Charcoal project. Also, installation of a bell in the shape of a women by the well-known Mukul
Goyal was an added attraction. “The installation is like an interaction with the public space. People can come and  ring this bell which is inspired from the voices we raise to protest against any thing that hurts our sentiments,” said Mukul.

(Published 18 February 2013, 15:17 IST)

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