Why this amnesia?

I have wondered why that at the most appropriate place, I tend to inappropriately forget some vital information given to me, may be a manifold number of times! For example, ‘on how one is related to a common acquaintance’.

Oft told, but aptly forgotten, at the momentous time, when we meet after a measureable gap. ‘You know this relative of mine, I have told you about her,’ is a common conversation statement ‘Yes of course,’ I reply quizzing myself on how she fit into the family tree, and then comes the second part, ‘I have told you how we are related?’ A quizzical, confused look from me and pop goes the taped speech unwinding. ‘She is my sisters’ father-in-laws’ brothers’ granddaughter!’ ‘Ah, yes’ I nod, faintly recollecting, but you have a bet, the next time round, I would be as confused as before, only to prevent the ‘one more time’ record unwinding, I begin to give a wise nod that says ‘I know’, in a manner that says, ‘I know’, instead of the truth which is ‘I don’t know’!

Then there is an aunt who promptly wishes all the members of the extended family from age nine to ninety on birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Though every year, I promise myself and say, ‘This year her birthday is a ‘must wish’, it comes and goes at the speed of lightning and all I am left having, is a guilty rumbling of my heart beat for having missed it yet again!

If all of this is to do with others, there is some personal proficiency that goes plummeting downhill when needed the most. Keeping the key in the ‘keyed in’ place is a forced learned habit that goes haywire ever so often. In case the trusted place for the key is missed, the amnesia that follows of where exactly it was placed is truly amazing. To overcome all of this, I however cannot forget the time that I put the key in so safe a place that I have permanently forgotten the secret liar and have to make do with the spare set as the now ‘only available set’. Then there are my reading glasses that I have to run helter-skelter for, at a moment that I eagerly want to read an immensely interesting piece, but just cannot find it, until a passing image of me in the mirror along the wall, mirrors my glasses promptly perched on my head!

Then there is the mobile that many a times makes me immobile for the simple reason that its’ hideout can get truly intriguing. As I drool over the adversities of the mini amnesia and the tight spots it puts me in, I realize it has its’ plusses too... like a dragging TV soap that gets a new lease of life when the hero has partial amnesia,  or a story line that becomes a blockbuster when the hero gets a lease of retrograde amnesia! This is a positive note to ponder on…at least until the next bout, that keeps me from saying, ‘Oh, why this amnesia?’

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