Case filed against student for acting in self-defence

Case filed against student for acting in self-defence

Case filed against student for acting in self-defence

In an act exuding great self-confidence and bravery, a young woman thrashed a youth for passing lewd comments on her at a busy junction in the city. Amrita knocked down Anoop and has drawn accolades from all and sundry, including the legislators.

But this communicative English degree student, also a black belt in Karate, has to pay the price for defending her dignity.

She now has to face a police case and court proceedings. Anoop, a temporary driver with IT@School Project, is now out on bail and told the court that he was severely injured in the attack.

Judicial First Class Magistrate T A Ramachandran has directed the police to register a case against Amrita on his complaint. Though the court has no other option, say legal experts, it is feared that the trial may dampen the confidence among women boosted by Amrita’s daredevilry. Echoing people’s feelings, Mahila Congress President Bindu Krishnan said civil society cannot accept the fact that a case has been registered on whatsoever grounds.

Apart from Amrita, her father Mohankumar, her two friends and the father of one of them are also accused in the case.  The incident happened when Amrita was out with her parents and friends to a wayside eatery. Anoop, along with another driver Manoj, arrived in the project director’s car. Having seen Amrita, who is a familiar face since she was the first person who rode a Harley-Davidson in the city, Anoop suddenly showered her with filthy comments without any provocation.

He also pushed her father aside, who questioned his behaviour, provoking her. This triggered a rain of punches and kicks. In the first punch itself, he fell flat on the floor with a bleeding nose and was not able to make an attempt to block her.

The police, who reached the scene later, rescued him from her fury. “I was blind with anger and vented it out on him. What pains me is people’s inaction. No one tried to stop him from abusing me.” Anoop and Manoj are absconding and have been terminated from service.