Film festival on February 21, 22

City’s cinema buffs can now look forward to many more film festivals. As a part of a homegrown initiative, St Joseph’s Film Festival (SJFF), a first of kind, will be held from on February 21 and 22.

Organised by the postgraduate media students of St Joseph’s PG Research Centre, the festival will feature a tightly curated choice of films. On the festival agenda are films such as ‘Babel,’ directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and ‘All About My Mother,’ by Pedro Almodóvar and politically potent classics such as ‘Gillo Pontecorvo’s Burn!’

The theme for the festival centres on ‘Politics of Representation’ in mainstream cinema. The festival will witness a panel discussion on the inevitability of narrative to have an ideological function with the participation of film critic, M K Raghavendra, theatre critic Raghunandana and film director-cum-theatre personality Prakash Belawadi.

Apart from the panel discussion, the film festival will also feature an inter-collegiate film quiz programme and an essay competition that will be open to students and the general public alike.

Commenting on the first edition of the festival, Syed Amjed Ahmed, Director, SJFF, said, “Cinema really performs the function of being an open register of the public mindset at any given point of time.

The idea of the film festival is to provide a platform for discussion and debate amongst people although film festivals are dime a dozen these days; the scope for reasoned debate is rare. We hope to re-ignite the waning practice of a culture of debate around cinema.”

SJFF has been designed to be an open festival where people across age barriers and from all walks of life can join in the social experience of film-watching and discussion.
The festival is slated to start on February 21 at 10 am. As a curtain raiser for the festival, the SJFF will host a screening of ‘Babel,’ the winner of Best Original Score at the Academy Awards in 2007.

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