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Last Updated 21 February 2013, 13:14 IST

Zumba has caught the attention of fitness crazy Bangaloreans in a big way. From group classes, private lessons, new career option to even Zumba-based parties, the City has welcomed this form of fitness with open arms.

 Zumba, which is a combination of Latin dance and aerobics, is fast becoming one of the most preferred styles to reduce weight. Many instructors say the best thing about Zumba is that it is not only a dance-based routine, but is also suitable for any age group.

It does not involve complicated moves like salsa and other Latin dance forms. For Zumba, there is no age limit — from youngsters to senior citizens, anyone can reap the benefits of it. In fact, these days, Zumba is preferred by new mothers to shed baby fat.

Jennifer, an instructor, took to Zumba while she was looking out for the right fitness regime after her delivery. “I came across Zumba on television and soon, I did my research and got in touch with Dianne Cobb-Pennisi, who could actually teach it to me. Back then, there were just one or two people who were certified to teach. But before I knew it I got addicted to it and there was no looking back,” explains Jennifer.

A typical fun work-out session of Zumba will consist of heart-pumping dance sessions with fast and slow rhythms. This is combined with resistance training to tone and sculpt the body while burning fat. And the Latin music gives it a distinct identity. Jagadish Babu, who takes Zumba classes across the City, says that the fitness regime is really catching on. “Everyday, people are looking out for new forms of fitness routines. But with Zumba, it doesn’t even feel like one is exercising, there is so much energy and the moves are so unlike your normal aerobics. It’s basically a feel-good workout,” he adds.

Sonika, a housewife, goes for Zumba classes thrice a week. But she got to know about this fitness regime through her daughter who had downloaded a couple of videos of Zumba routines. “This is one workout that is very addictive. You can’t really call it a workout because it is a lot of fun. I used to do this with my daughter and when I heard about the classes being held in Bangalore, I immediately enrolled myself. Apart from weight loss, these classes help a lot in getting your stamina and energy levels high,” she says.

There are also Zumba parties being held regularly in the City. These parties, unlike the usual ones, are more healthy. “It’s basically a 90-minute-workout session that is held in many of the clubs. So people can join in and when the energy levels go down they can take a break and feel free to join in again. This is probably one of the first fitness regimes that is being taken to clubs as well,” says Shwetambari, another instructor.

As for Zumba catching on in a big way in the City, Shwetambari says, “I think more than anything people really have fun. And that’s the key to this form of dance becoming a rage.”

(Published 21 February 2013, 13:14 IST)

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