Hyderabad twin blasts: Salman Khurshid seeks support for NCTC

Seeking support for the proposed National Counter Terrorism Centre, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid today said all political parties and state governments should come together for a collective response to fight against the challenge of terrorism.

"It is not a matter of pushing. It is a matter of concern for all of us including all political parties, state governments and all the people involved with governance at the central government level to come together to find collective response to the challenge (of terrorism) that continues to haunt us," he told reporters outside Parliament.

The Minister was asked if the government would try to push the case for the proposed apex counter-terror organisation (NCTC) in wake of the blasts in Hyderabad in which 16 people died and 120 have been injured.

Opposition-ruled states are opposing the creation of the NCTC saying the proposed body would encroach into their rights.

"We should stop scoring points at each other, we should stop looking at narrow political gains. We should look at a larger picture in the national interest," Khurshid said.

Asked if the blasts are linked to terror groups in Pakistan, the Minister said, "The probe will bring out the truth. Such things have been seen earlier also and we have taken up the pain and resolve not only with our neighbours but internationally also.

"Whatever comes out in the probe, the government will take steps in national interest," he said.

Asked whether the blasts were result of 'shrill political discourse' in the country, Khurshid said, "The question is about our whole society and not just political discourse... Look at the tone media is using and political language we have been using".

"It is important that all of us calm down. It is important that temperatures are brought down and we have greater objectivity in our political discourse," he said.

"I think the real enemy is scoring points again and again. We would not be able to do by criticising each other or fighting against each other," Khurshid said.

Congress MP Renuka Chaudhary said, "National safety is not responsibility of one person or one organisation and we need to get our act together, and if it needs NCTC, then so be it."

Meanwhile, Congress leader Satyavrat Chaturvedi came to the defence of beleaguered Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, saying there was no specific information on impending terror attacks.

"Home Minister has already clarified that ministry does not have specific information on terror attack. But they have given general alert to various states saying there are chances of terror attacks," Chaturvedi told reporters outside Parliament.
"There was no information on exact targeted place such as Dilsukhnagar. It is not possible to predict the incident in such a huge country...it is not possible. But taking precaution is necessary," he said.

"The political class of the country should not speak in different language on the terror issue. In a democratic society we do have difference of opinions. But on the issue of terrorism, the entire political class of the country must stand together to protect the nation," he said.

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