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Enhancing memory

A sharp memory is a sign of mental and emotional well-being. It helps us being active in our entire life.  A good memory is required by all age groups and professions. The stress and anxiety of modern age are also reasons why we are not able to retain sharp memory. There are a few tips which can help us improving our memory:

Relaxation: We can help ourselves by practicing a few relaxation techniques. Listening to soothing instrumental music for sometime helps you keep calm. Breathing exercise, done regulary, also helps us stay relaxed. There are lots of ways and methods which can keep us relaxed. We can choose any of them according to our own likings.

Sleep:  Good sleep is very important if you wish to improve your memory. A good night’s sleep is very important for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is possible only when both our body and mind are in co ordination. The deep sleep is not possible when the body is tired and mind is active, or the mind is tired but the body feels active.

Food and lifestyle: Being close to nature as much as possible also helps in maintaining a sharp memory.  Try to eat at least one meal daily which is close to nature, in raw form like in salads. Some foods like almonds and khus khus help improve memory. It is also  important to have a fun-filled lifestyle. It keeps you in best frame of mind.

Mental exercise: Like your body, your mind also needs exercise to keep it calm and sharp. Include, in your daily routine, a ten minutes mental exercise regime. You can follow ten minutes candle gazing exercise which helps you to keep focused and attentive.

Expression: If you are able to express yourself freely then you have easy access to your subconscious mind. Find out how you can express yourself. For example some people can express themselves through dance, some through diary writing. Some find self expression through painting and some through story telling. You find out what is your way and express yourself for your happiness. It will help you sharpen your memory.
Following these tips help you improving your memory. What is important here is to follow these tips like a game, and not out of necessity or pressure. They can bring good results if done on daily basis.

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