Today's letters.

Today's letters.

Dravid is not a band-aid to be thrown after injury is healed

This refers to 'Dravid out Prasad, Robin sacked' (DH, Oct 16).

Dropping Dravid from ODI squad is unfair. This is not the way to respect Cricketing Legend like Rahul Dravid. Same was the case with Sourav Ganguly, and it is continuing. Dravid did a fair job in the recently concluded Champions Trophy and then suddenly selectors found that he is not fit for ODI series.

When there are no openers, they (skipper and team management) ask him to open the innings when they want an extra batsman, they ask him to keep wickets, when team is going to South Africa, in bowling friendly conditions they bring him back into the team. When India is 150/1 on batting friendly conditions they send someone else in first down and push him to bat at 6. When India loses first wicket with in the first overs and the ball is swinging they send him in. In spite of all these, he has scored runs. And then they drop him because he is not required on flat tracks.
Dravid is not a band aid to be thrown after the injury is healed. Selecting him for only two series to fill in the gap is not justifiable. Once Navjoth Singh Sidhu, the former Indian opener had said 'Rahul is a person who will walk on the broken glasses if his team asks him too'. But that doesn't mean you can use him to fill the gaps. If selectors were really concerned about building a team for world cup and it should be of youngsters then they should have picked some other young player like Badrinath or Pujara instead of Dravid. Selecting him for merely two series and dropping after purpose is served is nothing less than an insult. Isn't it? Indian Team Selectors are bunch of Jokers said Mohindar Amarnath, is it still prophetic?

I'm sure there are many who are surprised over Dravid's exclusion from ODI. I hope Rahul will be selected for the remaining one day's in the Australia's series. I hope BCCI will learn to respect senior players.

Sameersen Havaldar

Take action against the loan culprits

The news that the Bombay High Court has intervened in the PIL lodged by R S Sequeira regarding the unlawful waiving of thousands of crore of rupees in un-repaid loans by the public sector banks is really heartening for all the honest and hard-working people of this country.

It is common knowledge that only the poor and middle-class people who take loans for genuine purposes repay their loans and are hounded by the banks even in case of minor delays. The wealthy and the powerful go scot-free even after not repaying loans amounting to hundreds of crore.

Some rich and highly connected people of India have found a novel way to loot public money worth crore of rupees by not repaying loans received from the public sector banks mostly on fictitious or forged documents with the connivance of top officials and politicians, which the banks quietly show as bad debt in their books.

The hard-working common people of this country must not allow this systematic loot of public money and should force the banks to make the names of all big defaulters public and thereafter take concrete action against them.

The government should act promptly to seize all fixed and floating assets of these people in national interest.

Shivaji K Moitra
Kharagpur, WB

Trust but verify

The newspaper reports which state that the US has intelligence that the Iranian nuclear program is close to making a warhead seems to be ominously familiar to the commencement of the Iraq tragedy when the possession of WMD's by Saddam Hussein was the prime motivator to attack Iraq. However, later it was found that there were no WMD's in Iraq and the US and UK, the lead countries in going to war on this premise, admitted that they had faulty intelligence.
In Iran again up to about a couple of months ago the US had confirmed that their intelligence was very bad since they had few people on the ground there on which it is understood even President Obama had commented in a discussion on Iran - Is that all that we have? Thus let not the US or the West go to extreme positions on Iran based on no or faulty intelligence. Iran has time and again said that its nuclear program is oriented towards peaceful purposes and therefore this should be handled with the - Trust but Verify, option.

S Kamat AG
Bardez Goa

Pakistan is now reaping what it had sown
While fighting against its own creation or once ally Taliban, Pakistan must have now realized how foolishly it created or supported an evil force and used it against India in the name of jihad. If jihad is holy war it should not have opposed Taliban declared jihad against Pak army. Now Pakistan must have fully understood the danger of riding the tiger called religion for its selfish desires. The jihad, nowadays frequently referred by the Taliban and other terrorist organizations is wrongly interpreted and is being used against the humanity.

Jihad, the holy war in Islam or Dharmayudda in Hinduism are the fights against Adharma or evil forces against humanity, not blind war against the people of other religion.
This situation of Pakistan was very much expected by every sensible person, who regards humanity more than one's own religion or caste. No religion in the world advocates hatred towards another religion, bloodshed in the name of god or discrimination among the mankind and the religions like Islam, Hinduism or Christianity are no exceptions.

It is always foolish to fight in the name of religion or caste as birth is by accident and not by choice. Although we are always proud about our religion or caste, the harsh truth is, it was not our choice but by our birth or simple coincidence. Hence it should be realized first by everybody that every religion is great, not inferior to another, and has all the good things in it for the well-being of humanity and it is only some followers fail to understand or interpret the advices correctly.
Ramakanth Udupa.K,
Vijayanagar Bangalore.

Ban fire cracker before making Bangalore- Singapore

From the time S.M.Krishna began making statements that Bangalore would be made like Singapore, several Chief Ministers after him, have continued making such laughable statements. It is well known that several people are injured due to crackers during Deepavali. One should know that in Singapore, a common man cannot buy crackers. He is also not allowed to let off fire crackers in any place. Instead, the Singapore Government arranges a fireworks display in an open place, where all are invited to view and enjoy the various fireworks display. Thus, not only is the City clean, but its citizens are safe. At least our State Government must learn this from Singapore and ban all fireworks immediately.

With police: this is once in life time incident

A citizen of this country is usually faced with corruption and an apathetic attitude when it comes to getting some work out of a government servant. I, however, have a heartening incident to report. A few months ago I gave a complaint to the Viveknagar police station regarding a case of cheating. I approached the police station in trepidation, half wondering if I should give up the effort altogether. To my pleasant surprise however, I was received cordially and listened to patiently by the Sub Inspector there, Mr. Lakshmi Narayan, who deserves special mention. This cop was not only prompt and polite on the telephone, but  also very approachable and helpful to any person seeking help from the police force. Instead of brushing aside my t complaint, he took it upon himself to counsel me as to the steps that he would take to find the accused, and assured me of the best efforts of the police force in this regard. In spite of this warm reception, I was not convinced.

Having grown up hearing that nothing can be done through the police without paying a little 'something' here and there, I was naturally cynical about the progress of the complaint. My fears proved unfounded however, as I found that I was able to follow up on the status of my complaint, and rapid progress was made. This was how one genuinely service oriented member of the police re-ignited my hope for the future of this country. It is at times like these that I feel the promise of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity in the preamble of our Constitution is alive, after all.

Srivalli Velan

Firemen's death

It is sad that 6 firemen in Thane died on Sunday soon after saving the lives of many people in the 14 floor building.  The mishap is reported to have happened due to their getting trapped in the lift after their valiant effort to save many lives. What a pity that these valiant men in their prime age lost their lives serving others in agony. A quick enquiry into the incident must be done to establish the cause of fire and also for the failure of the lift in an emergency situation. It is so sad that these firemen perished while doing their duty. No one can bring back the lives of these valiant men, but the government must compensate the families without red tape and honour their memory suitably.  Such tragedies must not occur in future, preventive measure must be put in place to save lives.


Indian should be extra alert now

Pakistan is slowly becoming a problem nation for the whole world in the sense it is dominated by various types of terrorist elements and posing threat to world's peace. Even Iran is suspecting that nation. Pakistan's benefactor US should be very careful in dealing with it instead of blindly believing the false promises of its leaders who seem to be not at all bothered about deteriorating situation in their country. It seems anti India stance is the only thing which is uniting Pakistan and there seem to be no constructive attitude prevailing there. India has to be extra alert to prevent possible blind destructive attempts from anti India militants from the neighbor.     


Apology to J& K cricketers
Detaining of two J&K cricketers for suspected traces of explosive in one of their bags is a blind act without foreseeing the related consequences by KSCA and Police officials. KSCA should have taken into confidence of JKCA and BCCI before allowing the police do their duty. Given the J&K States' inherent problems of terrorism and on going Championship League T20 involving foreign nationals at Chinnaswamy Stadium our Police should have acted responsibly. JKCA is right in demanding apology. It is sensible to close the episode by tendering unconditional apology by KSCA, Police and the State Government before the issue explodes in to multiple ugly turns which, is not good for the country and game.

K R Anandagopalan

Demand Unreasonable
The demand of J&K Cricket Association for apology from Bangalore Police for detaining and interrogating players from that State for alleged possession of RDX materials is unreasonable. Had the players been really found with the possession of such materials, then what would have J & K Association said ? Bangalore Police have done their duties and there is no place for doubting their action, motives and also there is no question of tendering apology. Electronic media's are overplaying the incident.

Sukumar Talpady,