Matt Damon inspired by Mahatma Gandhi

Hollywood actor Matt Damon

The 'Bourne Ultimatum' actor, who works closely with and the ONE campaign, said that his mother Nancy taught him to help others from a young age, just like Gandhi, Parade magazine reported.
"When I was a boy, my mom had a magnet on the refrigerator with a little picture of Gandhi along with a quote from him. It said, 'No matter how  insignificant what you do may seem, it is important that you do it," the actor said.
"As a child, I was raised to believe that, and to this day I do my best to live it. It's really powerful when you get to meet the people and shake their hands and listen to their stories," he added.
The 39-year-old star, whose philanthropic work includes raising awareness about the global water crisis, extreme poverty and AIDS, is determined to ensure his children are also instilled with the desire to give something back to those less fortunate.

Damon, who raises three children, 11-year-old Alexia, Isabella, three, and 14-month-old Gia Zavala, with his wife Luciana, added, "I can't think of any more important value to instil in our children than the desire to help others. I feel strongly about setting an example for them. Real problems can be solved by the next generation if we instill in them the right values. I'm not a politician, and I don't want to tell anybody how to live.
"But I must say, all these years later, I still think Gandhi had the right idea. No matter how small the contribution we make may seem, it's crucial that we all do our part," the acror added.

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