Surrounded by delicacies

Surrounded by delicacies

Surrounded by delicacies

The 50-ft Road on Hanumanth Nagar is a long stretch with many eateries and food courts. And these eateries are the most happening places for the students of PES College. Students frequent these places for its light meals and exciting desserts. The College doesn’t have a food court inside the campus and that has benefited the ‘Darshinis’ around the campus.

Rajani Singhania is a hosteller who likes to savour the food offered at eateries in the company of her friends. ‘We go to McDonald’s whenever we have enough time to spare. Otherwise, we are happy eating at the nearby food courts. We don’t have a college canteen, so in the name of having food, we get out of the campus,” she says.

She adds, “CCD outlet near Katrigupee is another place we haunt, where we sit and chat for a long time. It is a beautifully laid and well-maintained place. I like to have continental and Chinese food with my favourite desserts here.’

Cheluvaraj and friends have many places to hang out. On Sundays, much of the  time is spent watching movies or playing cricket. “PESIT campus has a huge ground and I go there frequently to play cricket. There, we play friendly matches with students from other departments. We fight fiercely during the match but after the match, we become one again,” says Cheluvraj.

When it comes to eating and chatting, he has a liking for ‘Cake Point’. ‘It serves a tempting blend of multiple cuisines. Pizzas and burgers are my favourite delicacies. It goes really easy on the pocket too,” says Cheluvaraj.

The students share a strong bond with this place and they give suggestions regarding the food.“We do give our feedback after having food and we do tell them if we don’t like the food,” says Manoj. Panchami was Divya’s favourite place, not any more. Panchami was our favourite place but two months ago, they hiked their rates. So we switched to Matra Sagara. We buy one or two paper dosas from this place and eight of us share that. The park maintained by the Water Board is also popular with students. Sometimes the security refuses to allow us inside. We do manage to enter and chat for hours,” says Divya.

As told to Sudha Hegde