Cultural bonhomie focal point of 'Japan Habba'

Cultural bonhomie focal point of 'Japan Habba'

Cultural bonhomie focal point of 'Japan Habba'

The Consulate of Japan in Bangalore, along with the Japanese training institutes and the Japanese Association, is working towards increasing the community’s visibility in the city.

As per figures available with the Consulate of Japan, there are about 886 professionals of Japanese nationality working in the city. The community has been organising several programmes to strengthen ties with India. One such annual event is the ‘Japan Habba’ organised since 2005.

This time, the ‘Japan Habba’ was co-ordinated by Japan Foundation, Bangalore University and the Consulate of Japan. The event drew a large crowd of Japanese and Indian students of the Bangalore University, pursuing several courses in Japanese. Bangalore University has about 100 students in the Centre for Foreign Languages learning Japanese.

‘Japan Habba’, part of the cultural exchange programme, was hosted by Bangalore University this year at the Central College campus. It included a cultural performance depicting both Indian and Japanese cultures and celebrating the similarities between them. Several stalls selling Origami products, handicrafts, bags and accessories made in Japan, besides a separate corner for Japanese books, attracted the visitors.

“Yakshagana of Karnataka and Kabuki (classical Japanese dance drama) performances are very similar. The make-up, costume and the fact that in both forms of art the man plays the role of the woman are marvellous similarities between the cultures. One wants to believe there was a common origin somewhere,” said Nobuyaki Yamamoto, Head, Consulate of Japan in Bangalore.

Promoting culture is one of the responsibilities of the Consulate and several events are being organised in this direction, he said. Last year itself, about 160 events were held across the country, he said.Bangalore University Vice-Chancellor Prof B Thimme Gowda said BU is planning to strengthen ties with Japanese universities by creating facilities for research scholars from the country to stay on the Jnanabharathi campus.
“Students from universities there can come and participate in the research taking place in our university,” he said.

The idea is still in its nascent stage and will soon be developed, seeking funds from the UGC,” he said. He encouraged all the departments in the varsity to submit proposals for joint research programmes with educational institutions in Japan.