Fences can help clean up the Windows desktop, a program to organise it, and hide the icons when they're not in use. In the first place why do our desktops become messy? They do because we love to put the files on the desktop as they are easy to find.  Well, the mess part can be a thing of the past, thanks to Fences, a one-of-a-kind program which lets us draw labelled shaded areas (boxes /fences) on our desktop, and these are movable & resizable containers for the desktop icons.  Labelling these boxes helps keep programs, photos, files, and Web links together, all of them you can group (fence) them under a project or file type, just by drag and drop. A quick-hide feature - Double click your desktop to make your icons fade out, double click again for their return! The 8844 KB Fences v1.0 for Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (On Vista and Windows 7, both 32bit and 64bit versions are supported), free for personal use, can be downloaded at http://snipurl.com/dhfences

Office Live

By signing up at the Microsoft Office Live website small business owners can get a company domain name, web design tools, hosting of the website, traffic reports, a contact management system, email, and online business applications to help manage the business, all for free! Though the OfficeLive does not provide the Microsoft Office suite as a subscription or hosted online the small businesses can have over 20 internet-based applications that can help to automate common business tasks such as management of customers, projects and documents. You can store up to 5 GB online, view, edit, and share documents, all with password-protection. And, if need be, you can purchase additional features to suit your needs. Signing up for the Office Live Small Business at http://www.officelive.com/hi-IN/

Areca Backup

Areca Backup is an Open Source backup solution, released under the General Public License (GPL) v2. It basically allows you to select a set of files / directories to back-up, choose where and how they will be stored, and configure the post-backup actions.

Backup Engine Features include : Archives compression (Zip & Zip64 format),
Archives encryption (AES128 & AES256 encryption algorithms), Storage on local hard drive, network drive, USB key, FTP / FTPs server (with implicit and explicit SSL / TLS), Source file filters (by extension, subdirectory, regular expression, size, date, status, with AND/OR/NOT logical operators), Incremental, differential and full backup support; Support for delta backup (store only modified parts of your files); Transaction mechanism : All critical processes (such as backups or merges) are transactional. This guarantees your backups' integrity; Backup reports : Areca generates backup reports that can be stored on your disk or sent by email; Graphical and Command-Line User Interface. Areca Backup can also track different versions of a specific file, browse  archives, recover or view specific files, and merge a set of archives.The 4.8 MB Areca Backup v7.1.5 can be downloaded at http://snipurl.com/dhareca. A tutorial at http://www.areca-backup.org/tutorial.php, users' manual at http://www.areca-backup.org/documentation.php, FAQ at http://www.areca-backup.org/faq.php.