Six-yard wonder...

Six-yard wonder...

Kiran Uttam Ghosh has glorified the saree in every sense of the term. She has worked with the saree to give the traditional garment a modern feel.

She believes that fashion evolves and designs must evolve and grow at a faster pace than fashion. She experiments with colour palette of ivory, beige, blood red, coral, fuschia, jade,
indigos, plums, purples, blackberrys and black
She uses men’s fabric to create a chic woman’s Western wear, decks it up with gold buttons and perhaps with pockets to give it a feminine twist.

Talking about the draped sarees which Kiran invented, she recalls that it never sold a single piece. The saree is meant to be worn only by those who appreciate the concept of draped sarees, “These pieces don’t have any design or work on them. They’re plain and pleated. They’re supposed to be draped,” explains Kiran. The idea soon caught on and the draped sarees began selling like hot cakes, she adds.

 Kiran says her present collection is a cross-section of her favourite pieces from across the years. She thinks her experiments with the saree has proved successful and have had more women take to it. “It’s like a revolution of sorts,” she avers.

Kiran was raised and schooled in Kolkata for most part of her life. She says she designs and creates fashion for posterity. She has defied categorisation. Her clothes are understated, with silhouettes and characteristic textures that refuse to be bracketed by terms such as Eastern or Western. “My designs go beyond just a pragmatic pret and I make sure that my couture line embodies an appeal whether it is the saree that I have given new dimensions to or my outfits,” she signs off.