Family drama

Family drama

Kannada serial

Aravind Kuplykar, who plays the lead role in Kannada serial Parvathi Parameshwara is a happy man. The serial has completed its 100th episode and is doing well. This is Aravind’s next big break after Point Parimala.

 Aravind has also been flooded with offers from other serial-makers. In Parvathi Parameshwara, he plays the role of Parvathi’s husband. It’s a typical family drama where the husband and wife each do their bit of compromise and adjustment to keep their family life happy.

The director seems to have also taken a dig at the government for hiking the prices of basic food stuff and groceries. How the rise in prices affects a middle class family is captured well in this serial.

Aravind says serials today, unlike a few years ago, are competitive and give one more opportunity and exposure as well.