The queues become longer

The queues become longer

Unpopular Decision

The queues become longer

The recent decision to allow the BMTC and KSRTC buses to fill diesel at private bunks has contributed to disrupting the routine of motorists in the City. Many complain that they often have to wait for long durations at the bunks, because of which they end up getting late for work.

The decision came after the Centre recently decided to hike the price of diesel for bulk buyers. This had a direct affect on state-run transport corporations — till now, they used to get bulk supply in their depots from the government’s oil marketing companies. However, if they  continued with the same routine, the cost would increase dramatically.

Eranna, a bus conductor in one of the BMTC buses, says that they try their best not to inconvenience the motorists by refuelling either at night or early morning. “As per the rule, we have to refuel in private petrol bunks. Refueling of a bus requires more time than a usual engine and hence, we go to 24-hour bunks at night so that we do not cause inconvenience to other motorists. We have to obey orders and cannot help it — our hands are tied,” he informs.

However, many of the bus drivers and conductors are questioning the feasibility of this decision as they now have to make an extra trip, which takes up a lot of time.
Devika, a motorist, says that she now has to schedule at least 15 minutes to stop at a petrol bunk.

 “Earlier, when I had to refuel, it would hardly take me five minutes if the bunk was empty. Now, I invariably have to wait for at least 15 minutes as there are buses in the queue. It becomes a huge hassle, especially when I have to get somewhere on time and there is a bus right ahead of me. The government should allot specific petrol bunks for the buses as it is a problem for the general public” she notes.

Many other motorists agree with this view. “Buses take up a lot of space at petrol bunks, disturbing the entire flow of traffic. Sometimes, it takes up to ten minutes for the jam to clear. This is a major problem and the government has to take a stand on it. It cannot go on like this. Students have to reach college on time and if one is stuck at a bunk for 20 minutes, his or her entire schedule goes haywire,” notes Rahul, a student.

But for now, motorists have to bear with the situation as there is no option but to wait patiently in a queue if a BMTC bus is refueling.