England must take the cue from India, says Nash

England must take the cue from India, says Nash

“What I have seen in India is Bollywood, whereas we are more Under Milk Wood,” Nash said, referring to a Thomas Dylan play for radio.

“If you compare the match we played against the Deccan Chargers, the spectator experience was like an Elvis Presley concert.

“I think back to Twenty20 finals day at Edgbaston and it was like watching Des O’Connor. It was very flat and very uninspiring,” the Somerset boss told ‘Telegraph Sport’.

Nash said there was a gulf of difference in the way T20 is dished out in India and England and the gap needed to be bridged. “We have to think long and hard about how we improve the customer experience. When you go to India and sit in a stadium that is full the contrast between that and the way we offer up T20 cricket could hardly be more stark,” he said.

Nash said he did not believe in blindly copying the Indian model. “I’m not saying we need the full Bollywood treatment. That might not be right, but we have to do better than we have so far. In Twenty20 cricket we have been shown a clean pair of heels and we have a lot of work to do to get ourselves back on their level, “ he said.