Choosing the best

Choosing the best

Though the Minister has backtracked saying he has been misquoted and that there won’t be any change in the present cutoff percent (60), students are thrilled that only the creme de la creme would get into the IITs and help maintain high standards of education, if such a proposal was implemented.
»Niharika Ramesh,
II PUC, Christ Junior College: The decision to raise the cutoff percentage will induce healthy competition among the students. We will now see only the best brains compete for the most prestigious institution, that is, IIT. There’s no point in training more people who produce less. It is worth training less people who will contribute better to the progress of the country.

»Ashwin Sridhar, who completed class 12 from National Hill View Public School: I think it’s always better to set a certain standard to any admission. More emphasis on marks is what is necessary to induce healthy competition.  

»Rahul Kuruvilla Mathew, Class 12, ISC, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School: The new crop of students are smart, intelligent and highly talented. The raise of marks will give room to those who work hard and one won’t see just any riffraff enter IITs anymore. IIT is for the best brains and it should remain so.  

»Chiranth Hegde, class 12, ISC, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School: Coaching
centres for IIT have mushroomed across the City but only those who work hard crack IIT. The raise of marks will surely help produce quality among the young entrepreneurs in our country. I hope the government zeros in on their decision to keep the marks at the highest at the earliest.

»Nikitha Prabhakar, II PUC, Mount Carmel College:  I am really happy that the government has finally thought about bringing in some quality in education by the raising the cutoff percentage. This will surely weed out all those who are incompetitive and the average.