'Semester system will help us'

'Semester system will help us'

Hot Talk

I semester Computer Science, BMS College of Engineering

“Semester system has been introduced in engineering colleges long back and we have accepted it whole-heartedly. As far as studies are concerned, the system really helps one score high marks. We are getting good marks through this system as more focus is on the academic activities. It will help us get good jobs due to high marks. The syllabus is also upgraded once every four years which updates our knowledge about the current developments.”

 I Semester BCom, PES College

“I have no problem with the semester system, it’s really good. We can learn so many subjects in one semester. We get sufficient time for our studies so that we can prepare well for the exams. It focuses more on extracurricular activities and we are encouraged to score high marks. The subjects are also limited when compared to the heavy syllabus of the annual system. We have to study only five-six chapters in a subject and hence, we can guess the possible questions for the examination. Moreover, attendance is made compulsory unlike in the annual exam system.”

V semester Electricals and Electronics, BMS Engineering College

“In this system, the syllabus is structured for the well-being of the students. This system has made us more studious and we are also excelling in co-curricular activities. We have monthly tests and exams every four months unlike in annual examination system. We can learn so many subjects in one course. The syllabus is more up to date. The things we need to acquire in this competitive era are included in the syllabus.”

III semester Tele Communication, RVCollege of Engineering

“Annual examination system is the right system as far as all-round development of a student is concerned. In that system, we get sufficient time for studies. But here, we hardly have four months for a semester and it finishes within a short span. We are burdened with so many assignments and face a chain of exams, one after the other.”

Manoj DS,
III semester, MBA, Global Academy

“There is a possibility that due to paucity of time for teaching, some lecturers may conduct special classes for which we have to be there two or three hours before or after our class hours. The syllabus is too heavy and the time span is very limited.”

I PUC, PES College

“My suggestion is to discontinue this system as it pressurises the students to study a lot within a short span of time. We won’t get enough time to practice and participate in extra-curricular activities. In my opinion, the system has destroyed the different talents of the youngsters and they have become more academic-oriented. There is a decrease in quality as well as quantity in extra curricular activities.”