An unforgettable learning experience

An unforgettable learning experience


An unforgettable learning experience

It’s that time of the year when students of engineering and management let their hair down, decide to leave their books behind and let their talents shine on stage.  S School of Engineering and Management recently held their annual cultural fest called Aarohana 13.

The week-long fest saw an array of events including painting, rangoli, mad ads, cooking competition, collage-making, newspaper moulding, eggshell art, short
movie-making and of course, music and dance events.

Participation was huge as students from all streams came together and showcased their talents. But many said that more than the competition, it was the way everyone supported one another in each of the events that really stood out in the fest.

Says Suraj, a student, “For nearly 15 days, students have been preparing for it. One not only got to see different hidden talents on campus but the fest also provided an
opportunity to make friends from other streams, whom we rarely meet.”

One of the most popular events this year was photography and short film-making. Creativity was at an all-time high with themes like youth, women’s safety, anti-smoking and drugs coming forth in videos and pictures.

Abrar, a student, says, “Rarely do engineering students get a chance to sit down, make scripts and direct short films. This event was a lot of fun.”
Slow biking was another event that really challenged the youngsters. “Generally, we youngsters are associated with speed riding which is why we held an event like slow biking. Participants had to win the race by riding a bike very slowly. The really fun part was when even the teachers joined the race,” explains Pooja, a student.

This being a fairly new college, the college band also made its debut in the fest. “They are a very different band and always bring out something new. This will be a big performance and they are actually going to perform a Hindi song in Kannada,” says Sneha, a student.

On the whole, Aarohana was a fun-filled event and the students, who organised
it on their own, said it was a great learning experience for them.