Malayalam filmmakers scour for Gujarat flavour

Though “God’s own country” might have fascinated people from the world around, but for the Malayalam film industry, the “Khushbu Gujarat Ki” has drawn some attention.

Impressed by the locations showcased by none other than Big B, the southern industry is not only taking a look at the places shown in the advertisement by the brand ambassador but also for some unventured places in the state.

The film “Rangoli” and to be directed by Deepak Sivakumar has shown a keen interest in shooting in Gujarat. Unlike the previous Malayalam movies which showed poignant tales of the state revolving around situations like earthquake and riots, “Rangoli,” according to sources, is about the festivities, the fun place and Gujarati fervour. 

Directors and producers who are in talks with the state government for permission to shoot at locations also want to showcase the Navratri fervour and a lot of other Gujarati traditions which are not known to people residing outside Gujarat.

The last Malayalam film that was shot in Gujarat was T V Chandran’s critically acclaimed “Kathavasheshan” starring Dileep.

And that was not the only Malayalam film which was shot in Gujarat, Mammootty’s   “Kazhcha” was shot in 2004 in the villages of Kutch. The movie was a poignant tale of the bond shared between a vagabond boy from Kutch who loses his parents in the earthquake and a touring film operator.

Apart from the connection of locals of Gujarat, “Rangoli” also has another Gujarati connection — the main lead of the movie Unni Mukundan is also a local boy who has created ripples in Malayalam films.

The directors and producers of the film are not only scouting for locations but are also in touch with directors and producers of Gujarati film industry for a female lead. Confirming about the Malayalam film industry’s interests in Gujarat, Tourism Minister Saurabh Patel said there have been queries but they were still to receive a list of the places for which permission was needed.

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