City to be cloudy for 2 more days

City to be cloudy for 2 more days

 The City witnessed cloudy weather and a light drizzle in the morning leaving Bangaloreans pleasantly surprised. But if you thought these showers will last then you are wrong. The MET department says it is only low pressure in certain coastal belts that has caused the weather to take a turn.

“Low pressure at main sea level southwest of Bay of Bengal and southeast of Arabian Sea is the main reason for the weather change. There is also another trough of low pressure on the Kerala- Karnataka coastline that is causing the humidity to increase,” said an official from the Metrological department, Bangalore.

While certain parts of the City saw light drizzle, the department ruled out heavy showers. “Rain/thundershowers would occur at isolated places over coastal Karnataka and South interior Karnataka. Mainly dry weather would prevail in areas of northern Karnataka,” added the department official. The department has predicted the current weather to continue for about two more days. The minimum temperature in the City over the next 48 hours as predicted by the weather department is 19 degree celsius and the maximum is 30 degree celsius.

The department says the weather is same across the State. “The maximum temperature was above normal especially over few places over coastal Karnataka and the minimum temperatures rose at many places over South Interior Karnataka. The trough of low pressure now runs from Comorin area to Karnataka coast and is spread over up to 3.1 km in the neighbourhood.”

Interestingly, Honnavara has registered the maximum temperature of 38.8 C in March, a record high in the last 78 years.