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‘It’s me, the drama queen’

Veena Malik takes pride in the strangest of things. The latest news to hit the grapevine is that the actress has broken a record for the most kisses received in a minute.

   Veena was joined by 41 contestants of a rather odd competition, in which contestants were given a chance to kiss her. Not surprisingly, she broke all records by successfully managing to receive 130 kisses — in a single minute.

   The contestants were thrilled to have the opportunity to kiss the provocative actress,
although they were only allowed to kiss her hand.

The previous record for this dubious title was set by superstar Salman Khan with 108 kisses as well as an actor from Japan, who received 87 kisses in one minute on his hand. Sharing the thrill of winning such a great honour, Veena Malik, who is gearing up for a grand Sandalwood debut, says, “It was a great moment as I broke the Guinness World Record by getting the most number of kisses on my hand in a minute. I am really happy to share this excitement with all my fans.”

This is the first in a series of records that Veena is all set to break with her upcoming movie, ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. In fact, rumour has it that as a part of the film, she will break as many as 19 world records. The movie is produced by Satish Reddy and directed by Haroon Rashid. “I am happy this record was broken for the first time in India by my favourite actor Salman Khan and this time, it’s me, the drama queen,” she adds.
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An anthem for the youth

So far, the association between indie bands and Bollywood film-makers has been quite sporadic but Prakash Jha is looking to change that.

   The director has signed on popular band ‘Indian Ocean’ to sing a song for his upcoming film, Satyagraha.

   The film, which he is co-producing with UTV Motion Pictures, will also feature the band members Susmit Sen, Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam.

‘Indian Ocean’ has composed a track for the film and the members of the band will also be a part of the movie as Prakash wants them to feature in it.  The band will be shown belting out a youth anthem that motivates characters in the film to stand up for their rights at a crucial juncture in the story.

The band was very excited to have composed the track for Prakash’s film.

Prakash Jha confirms the news, saying, “It is true that I have roped in ‘Indian Ocean’ to compose one of the tracks in Satyagraha. It is a fantastic band with a superb fan following among the youth, so who else but them to create an anthem for the youth to stand up for what is right, fight against corruption and stand up for democracy? They have composed a brilliant track that will move us all. It is too early to share any further details.”

‘Indian Ocean’ has flown down to Bhopal for a three-day shooting schedule with the cast that includes Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Amrita Rao and Manoj Bajpai. Earlier, ‘Indian Ocean’ had composed tracks for Aamir Khan’s Peepli Live.

Bigger and better than before

Film-maker Tigmanshu Dhulia says his new film, Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster Returns is more opulent and intriguing as compared to the first part, which did not satisfy him creatively.

The new film, a sequel to the 2011 romantic thriller Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, has added Irrfan Khan and Soha Ali Khan to the existing cast of Mahie Gill and Jimmy Shergill.

“As a writer and director of the franchise, I was not creatively satisfied with the first part. We wanted to exploit it after the first one became a hit. It was made on a shoestring budget and could not bring out the royalty in an opulent way. There was so much masala still left in the film that we thought we should carry the story forward,” says Tigmanshu.

The sequel will hit theatres on March 8. The 45-year-old director, who started his film-making journey with Haasil in 2002, had made quite an impact with his small-budget yet powerful films like Saheb Biwi aur Gangster and Paan Singh Tomar. His films have a recurring theme of a rebel as a hero
and the director admits that he has a fascination for such subjects. “I have a fascination towards those who have gone against society to prove
that their motives were not wrong. But I am sad that
there are no such heroes
left in society. Even youngsters are not enterprising and it’s not a good sign for a country,” says Tigmanshu, who worked as a casting director on Shekhar Kapur’s ‘Bandit Queen’ before making it big as a director.