Understanding a Sadguru

Understanding a Sadguru

It is not easy to comprehend the state of being of a Sadguru. Only a fraction of this state can be understood but only a little at a time. It cannot be fully grasped. This is because such a state is beyond the comprehension of the mind or the intellect. The language of this inner state is silence.

Sadguru Murali Krishna displays different temperaments on each day of the week and devotees cannot but marvel at this astonishing display of multiple divine identities.
Every Monday finds Sadguru Murali Krishna in the bhava of Sri Dakshinamurthy. Lord Dakshinamurthy is often viewed as the primal Guru and in this temperament, Swamiji is often in Guru bhava. His pronouncements will be marked by grace, dispassion and wisdom.

On Tuesdays, Swamiji alternates between three different states of Lord Murugan including the naga bhava characteristic of Lord Murugan in Palani (this aids in the removal of sins), Swamimalainathan (which helps remove diseases) and bala-Murugan or the childlike characteristic of Lord Muruga at Trichendur (elimination of asuric tendencies). It is particularly helpful for people afflicted with Rahu dosha to visit Swamiji on Tuesdays when he is in naga bhava.

On Tuesdays, he can actually be seen in an ecstatic trance on the floor moving about in a snakelike motion. Before the bhava ends, Swamiji responds to questions about the state of world in general, (he is very clear and precise in his replies) or to specific questions from devotees in his vicinity. All his pronouncements are invariably accurate and correct.
Wednesdays finds Swamiji in the bhava of Lord Dandyudhapani. This is the bhava for jnana upadesam (transmission of wisdom) which makes available the light of knowledge by removing the darkness of ignorance. 

On Thursdays, Swamiji is seen in Krishna bhava, where he radiates the love and laughter characteristic of Kesava.

On Fridays, he can be seen in the bhava of Mookambika Devi and on this day, it is especially propitious for women to seek his blessings with offerings of kumkum powder.
On Saturdays, Swamiji can be viewed in the bhava of Lord Ayappan and devotees approaching him on this day can expect to be reminded of their past and present debts and the necessity to repay them cheerfully with gratitude and a genuine desire to meet their worldly and spiritual obligations.

Sundays find Sadguru Murali Krishna in Kali bhava. He can be heard speaking in a rapid tone and it is necessary to listen to him carefully. The Divine Mother helps remove the demon of the ego and its identification with the gross body. Meeting him on a Sunday in this bhava removes negative energy from the system and paves the way for positive energy.